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To think sleeping naked is a bit...ick?

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NotInTheNuddy Sun 06-Sep-15 21:00:45

Just started seeing someone (been friends for a long time) and last night we had our first sleep over. DTD, all good and lovely but afterwards I was dying to put my pants back on.

We ended up having a laugh about it and he admitted he's a naked sleeper, which I have never been. It's not a huge issue but it got me thinking...

Does anyone else out there find sleeping naked icky? Or am I the strange one?

Why is it icky?!

TurnOffTheTv Sun 06-Sep-15 21:01:54

Hmm. Strange. What's so icky about it?

TenForward82 Sun 06-Sep-15 21:02:07

My DH does it, I don't feel comfortable (I often get cold and feel weirdly vulnerable sleeping nude * shrug *)

Theycallmemellowjello Sun 06-Sep-15 21:03:19

What's icky about it? Also I find it strangely telling that you refer to sleeping together as a sleepover!

usual Sun 06-Sep-15 21:03:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kym134 Sun 06-Sep-15 21:03:46

I normally sleep nude unless it is freezing cold.

GaryBaldy Sun 06-Sep-15 21:03:49

I'm always cold so like to be wrapped up in layers but in the high summer I like sleeping naked, it feels more, umm, free I suppose.

Palomb Sun 06-Sep-15 21:04:09

I don't think it's ick at all but I hate sleeping completely nude, I feel the draughts on my arse!

RealityCheque Sun 06-Sep-15 21:04:12

Not 'icky' at all for me.

We sleep naked when we are alone or with shorts and top when children are with us.

TeaAndNoSympathy Sun 06-Sep-15 21:04:30

I like sleeping naked. Why's it icky?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 06-Sep-15 21:04:56

Just for poll purposes, we sleep naked and don't find it icky.

Before we had dc we slept naked. When the dc were toddlers/small and would get into bed with us I started wearing a nightdress as they used to snuggle up to me. Now they are older and don't get into bed, we're back to naked.

PersonalClown Sun 06-Sep-15 21:05:45

I always sleep naked. I have to be quiet cool/cold to sleep well and naked works best!

fastdaytears Sun 06-Sep-15 21:05:56

I can't see anything icky about it! My preference is loose-ish pj trousers and no top, but naked good too!

blibblobblub Sun 06-Sep-15 21:06:23

YABU, not icky at all. If I wasn't bfing and leaking everywhere I'd totally be sleeping naked.

OneBreathAfterAnother Sun 06-Sep-15 21:06:28

I sleep nude. I think it's a personal thing, though. I change my sheets twice a week and I'm not a particularly sweaty or dischargey person, so it suits me. I get all tangled in pyjamas.

I'm not really bothered either way when it comes to other people, though.

SometimesItRains Sun 06-Sep-15 21:06:38

I don't find it icky, but I don't like it. Apart from being cold most of the time, I feel weird and vulnerable without pjs on.

ScarletRuby Sun 06-Sep-15 21:06:39

It takes a parade of penguins and polar bears to stroll by my bed before I sleep in PJ's.

Misnomer Sun 06-Sep-15 21:06:52

I'm not a naked sleeper. I'm just more comfortable with something on, even if it's boiling hot. I don't think it ick though, just not for me.

TRexingInAsda Sun 06-Sep-15 21:07:10

It's much more icky to put your pants back on. You'll be peeling them off in the morning.

annandale Sun 06-Sep-15 21:07:18

God I love sleeping naked. actually I find it a bit annoying that dh always gets dressed for sleep - to me it kills the spontaneity if we are going to have sex and we're dealing with buttons and elastic. He's not as coldblooded as me though (I'm nearly always warm) so I try to sympathise not very successfully

StarlingMurmuration Sun 06-Sep-15 21:07:30

We both sleep naked unless it's really cold. Even then I'll only have a t-shirt or a little nightie on, I hate wearing anything on my bottom half in bed.

MirandaWest Sun 06-Sep-15 21:07:43

DP and I sleep naked. Is nice not icky smile

EponasWildDaughter Sun 06-Sep-15 21:07:44

I love sleeping naked. For me it feels like a marker of adult hood. PJs seem a childish thing to me.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sun 06-Sep-15 21:08:03

I don't think it's icky but I personally hate sleeping naked. I like my huge boobs to be contained in a vest top, they're uncomfortable if not.

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