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to ask about Birmingham

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MariaPhipps Sun 06-Sep-15 20:14:19

Anything to do in October to December for a group o 40ish year olds - thinking dancing, Xmas parties, fun stuff. We've already done the German market to death in previous years.

SingingSamosa Sun 06-Sep-15 20:44:50

There is an abundance of museums, theatres, concerts in Birmingham. Have a look at the Live Brum website to see what's on when you are planning your visit.

Palomb Sun 06-Sep-15 20:46:44

The Black Country museum does some brilliant evening things over the festive season. It's only really half an hour from brum, probably not even that.

MariaPhipps Sun 06-Sep-15 21:18:56

Thanks Singing and Palomb - will take a look.

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