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To put on my pjs at 7.30pm?

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clary Wed 02-Sep-15 22:51:02

I was at work for some of today and needed to wear PE kit - so that was what I put on when I got up; after work I went for a run and took DS2 to the gym.

Home again and I was baking and making tea and thought, eww, I need to get changed. Normally would put on what I took off to go running - but in this case there was no such thing. Couldn't see the point of putting on clean clothes at 7.30 so I put on my jamas. Was this BU? Ended up watching GBBO and everyone else was dressed grin

DirtyDancing Wed 02-Sep-15 22:58:24

Defo not BU! I love to get all comfy ASAP! And there is nothing more comfortable than PJs grin

Rhinosaurus Wed 02-Sep-15 22:59:30

7.30 is way late for putting on PJs!!

clary Wed 02-Sep-15 23:09:45

grin that's good then.

Should make it clear that everyone else in my living room watching GBBO was dressed - obv all the people on the show were (oooh, baking in PJs?!)

CallMeExhausted Thu 03-Sep-15 02:23:22

There are days I would love to be just taking OFF my PJs at 7:30 pm - in order to change and put on fresh PJs

You are definitely not BU.

anklebitersmum Thu 03-Sep-15 04:04:29

Ha ha ha! Definately not unreasonable-in fact you are late by a few hours in our house.

The biters come in, hang or basket uniform, shower or bath as appropriate and assuming we're staying in, are straight into PJ's for homework.

In Summer it's swimmers and into the sprinklers..

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