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last day of holidays, kids being awful

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mrbananabeak Wed 02-Sep-15 16:20:37

Back to school tomorrow. 5 boys on our street playing together except all they seem to do is squabble. Our son has driven me crazy, he is irritable and bossy. They are in and out of the kitchen. Been out all day and hoped would come inside but straight back outside! Just needed to vent !

123Jump Wed 02-Sep-15 16:24:18

Surely it is better if they go outside if they are being annoying,grin.
Mine went back yesterday, and I could cry. Not that I'm desperate to have them here 24/7, but the whole hassle of uniforms, lunches,homework just wears me down.

Welshmaenad Wed 02-Sep-15 16:28:06

I have killed mine and buried them under the Lego Mountain in my front room.

Lilaclily Wed 02-Sep-15 16:29:06

Outside sounds the best place for them !

BlueBlueBelles Wed 02-Sep-15 16:37:14

Oh god mine are the same. ACtually mainly DS1 who is HF ASD. He had a meltdown on our last day trip meaning we came home three hours early and then had two more here. He's just vocalised his nerves for school going back Monday (he's Y5) so I'm trying to get in touch with the school to do a visit Friday.

The bickering has been constant all summer tbh. Poor neighbours.

mrbananabeak Wed 02-Sep-15 16:37:35

DS had adhd and social communication problems. He is loud, irritable and hyper. Ok with one child but overwhelmed in a group

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