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To think this dog rescue is a scam?

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Hurr1cane Tue 01-Sep-15 23:19:04

Just been browsing Facebook post nightmare and saw a horrible photo shared of a starved dog. I read the post and it linked the 'groups' PayPal, like it did on every single post they shared.

This is their Facebook:

There's loads of people commenting about sending a lot of money to get the dogs to the UK, to homes that haven't been vetted etc, just because people want the dogs.

So I looked at their website and that seemed a bit suspect as well

Then read this:

A lot of people seem to be sending money to somewhere in Serbia to get rescue dogs delivered to them in the UK, or to help them :/ but it really doesn't seem legit does it? Or am I over thinking it

DotaDay Wed 02-Sep-15 00:02:55

Teodoras angels may or may not be legit. You can't tell. Maybe 100% of any money given goes to the dogs and maybe none of it does. Personally, I would never give any money to an organisation like this unless I had a way of knowing that it was legit.

Anyone can set up a website.

Also 20€ a month to adopt a dog in Serbia is a LOT!

I'd rather give to known charities in the UK. You simply can't support every charity so you need to give your money to ones where you know you money will be used well.

GinBunny Wed 02-Sep-15 00:45:09

It's hard to tell Hurr1cane. Many countries do treat dogs very badly and there are a lot of "charities" setting up to rescue them by finding homes in the UK or funding so they have a better life where they are. Don't give money if you don't feel comfortable is all I can say, other than I got caught up by one of these adverts and have a gorgeous street dog from a Romanian rescue snuggled up to my feet right now. If you want to help by sending money then research the rescue properly. We were vetted btw but I have met others that have rescued dogs in similar circumstances that weren't and have been left high and dry - either by donating or being left with unsuitable dogs for their homes or dogs that have been so psychologically damaged by what they have experienced. Here's a photo of my gorgeous pooch now, but I also have a photo of him when he arrived in the UK, with bruises and broken ribs from where he was beaten. Trust your judgement.

Oldraver Wed 02-Sep-15 01:29:51

I have heard a few of these rescues while maybe not a scam can be a cover for breeding dogs.

I really dont think we should be bringing dogs in from others countries at all

Fizzielove Wed 02-Sep-15 09:19:44

I understand the feeling of wanting to help a poor rescue dog in a country far away, but why not help a dog that needs a home from a local pound? There are plenty of dogs on the UK being put down by councils because they are either strays or dogs that's have been abandoned. I'm just wondering why ?

HoursTurnIntoDays Wed 02-Sep-15 09:37:16

Or why not help a human who is suffering somewhere.

It's very sad that animals are treated badly - but there are millions of humans in need of help - surely we should prioritise sick or starving children over dogs

NotYouNaanBread Wed 02-Sep-15 11:03:56

There are many abused and abandoned dogs right here in the UK. To actually start importing more of them, based on some graphic photos sent to you (by a stranger who stands to profit from you), seems mad. Why is a dog in Serbia more important? Is the money spent importing one really better spent that way?

Secondly, if you are really that concerned about abuse, fear and horror being inflicted on living beings in other countries, why are dogs ranking higher in your estimation than people?

breadpitt Wed 02-Sep-15 11:25:29

totally agree Naan, and frankly it worries me.

This seems to have taken off amongst some folk I know and is the current 'in thing' (I'm being deliberately vague I apologise), only rather than pay the £200 the rescue wants to import these dogs they have been begging on Facebook for people to donate. I desperately wanted to comment that if you can't afford to pay for the dog to come over in the first place you shouldn't really be having it but anyway.

What really worries me is one of these people reserved a dog, begged on FB and received the money and was sent a rather large lab cross who'd never lived in a home but spent its life on the streets. I'm sure with the right person the dog would thrive but this girl is a single Mum to three under five with no experience of animals and living on benefits. There isn't a rescue in the country that would have handed her a dog, but the ones outside the UK are seemingly happy to hand over animals with no checks and no vetting adding to an already groaning PDSA system in some cases.

There are plenty of dogs in the UK deserving of rescue. One here has spent eleven years in rescue:

Maisieknew Wed 02-Sep-15 11:34:03

People can decide which charities matter to them, Hours.

wannaBe Wed 02-Sep-15 11:44:48

IMO charity is a personal thing, so if people want to give to animal charities that is their choice.

However, I do think that we already have far too many animals in rescues in this country and shouldn't be bringing in more from abroad. Yes, many countries have an appalling track record when it comes to treatment of animals, and reality is that many of these dogs brought in from elsewhere have significant behaviour problems and many will likely end up in rescues in the UK to add to already existing problems.

I also think that some of the rescues in the UK need to re-evaluate their policies of never putting a dog down. As controversial as that is, the reality is that there are many dogs in rescues who will never be rehomed. Dogs trust is notorious for this, put out an advert with a multitude of dogs who are too nervous/agressive/old to ever find a loving home, but hey, you can sponsor one for a few quid a week to spend the rest of its days in kennels. Sorry, but if a dog is too far gone to ever find a home then no, it is not a "healthy dog" and the best thing for it would be to put the poor animal out of its misery.

kali110 Wed 02-Sep-15 12:04:44

I think more people should be caring about animals.
You abuse an animal, you don't get punished for it.
As much as i would love to help
The rescues abroad i agree that now there are just too many scams around. Helps some of the animal charities here.
I was living with 4 stray cats grin at my mil because people had wanted them then dumped them.
Now my dp and i have two of them.

wannaBe Wed 02-Sep-15 12:29:25

People should care more about the treatment of animals abroad by boycotting the likes of Seaworld and other international parks who have a reputation for catching animals from the wild for public entertainment, and then treating those animals appallingly when they do what wild animals do and end up killing the people who make them perform for their food.

But we already have an over population of unwanted pets in this country, we really shouldn't be bringing other countries' issues over here as well.

SlaggyIsland Wed 02-Sep-15 12:39:42

Hours I prefer to give to animal charities.

SquareFrances Wed 02-Sep-15 14:31:51

I have a Romanian 'special'.

We wanted a rescue dog. I couldn't find any dog shelters close to us who would rehome a dog to a family with small children. The charity we got our dog from vetted us before deciding they were okay with it.

The other thing I would say is dogs in this country get euthanised humanely I believe this isn't always the case overseas.

I'm sure some are scans but I'm also sure some are not - registers charity numbers in this country might help to verify.

Keletubbie Wed 02-Sep-15 14:57:12

Personally, I'm glad that our local rescue never euthanise a healthy dog. No interest on my Smoochy pooch for almost 5 years, but she's home now! Loves kids, loves naps, impeccably house trained and doesn't chew (except Lalaloopsy dolls).

kali110 Wed 02-Sep-15 16:12:10

Slaggy in charities i give to are cancers charities ( uncluding mcmillian and the other one as theyre personal to me) and animal charities( except rspca).
I'd rather help animals too. Probably how i've ended up with so many strays and where all my money goes!!

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