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To be slightly pissed off about this work situatio.

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karalime Sat 29-Aug-15 18:39:54

Hello, not sure if iabu but feeling annoyed!

At work at the moment there is not an awful lot for me to do, there is a bit of a lull and so the bosses are happy for me to help out with other departments.

So I was speaking with my colleagues to see what I could do and one guy, let's call him Steve, says sure, if I want he can teach me how to use this certain program to help him get some things done.

I really really want to learn how to use this program, it is something I need if I want to be able to progress and so I said hell yes please tell me when you need me.

A week or so later me and the other woman in my team (Lucy?) were finishing up various bits and pieces and Steve shouts across the office, 'oh Lucy come over when you're ready I'll get started on showing you how to use X'

So I said 'hang on a minute I want to learn that too' and Steve goes 'okay you can come over too'.

So I'm sat behind them like a lemon as they're on his PC. And then he mentions that oh dear, only one person can use the program and access the needed files at one time.

So basically there was no point me sitting there, because I won't be able to join in and do any of the work anyway (it was only a few hours work). Feeling very awkward I went and found something else unrelated to do.

Maybe I should have just stayed but I felt so stupid!

What can I do when I see him on Tuesday? I am gutted that what I thought was going to be my work has been given to someone else.

Argghhhhh, I felt so pissed off I could cry as Lucy was working away doing all this stuff and I was staring at a fucking spreadsheet!!!!!

Please help this 23yo act somewhat professionally.


DoreenLethal Sat 29-Aug-15 18:42:51

And then he mentions that oh dear, only one person can use the program and access the needed files at one time

'That's fine - I'll just watch and take notes.'

'Hey Steve, now that Lucy has done that, I want my turn - when can you do it this week?'

LIZS Sat 29-Aug-15 18:43:51

Sorry but I'm not really getting your problem . Are you miffed that she has taken priority with the work or in his attention? Maybe she has formally been put forward for this training? Do you have any review process for work and progression.

karalime Sat 29-Aug-15 18:56:06

Thank you Doreen yes I probably should have done that I was just a bit taken aback.

I took notes for a bit but he was basically talking and directing it all at her. There was no space for me at the desk. I just felt like I was intruding.

His exact words to me earlier had been 'if you want to do this its yours'.

Had he then said 'hey karalime and Lucy, come over here I'll show you' it would have been okay but I was just a bit WTF.

karalime Sat 29-Aug-15 18:58:00

Should add there is no formal review of progress or training, at least that I know of which is half the bloody problem.

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