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to give this sofa to the charity shop?

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Iamatotalandutteridiot Sun 23-Aug-15 17:32:06

OK, there is a good possibility I am!!!

We have a nice sofa (Ligne Roset) - it's quite old but in good condition and very funky.

Last week, our new kitten weed on it (once!) and DH says it has to go...

I've had it professionally cleaned and (As far as I can tell) there is no damage to the sofa, but DH is adamant that it is ruined and has to go...

So... I want to phone a local charity that collects (and resells) unwanted furniture. Dh wants to hire a skip and bin it.

I think he is BU. He thinks I am?

can MN decide please?

bigcomfyduvet Sun 23-Aug-15 17:33:04

He is

GamerCh1ck Sun 23-Aug-15 17:34:39

I'm kind of getting the impression that your husband just wanted an excuse to get rid.

Thing is if it's been cleaned and doesn't have fire resistant tags the charity shop may not take it.

Free cycle I would personally or free on a Facebook selling group.

AuntyMag10 Sun 23-Aug-15 17:35:45

Yanbu, it's been cleaned and a waste to bin it when someone can make
Good use of it.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 23-Aug-15 17:37:10

oooh I've just googled the make - they do some really fantastic shapes don't they?

He is definitely being unreasonable!

AuntieStella Sun 23-Aug-15 17:37:13

He is.

Both in it being ruined (it isn't)

And chucking rather than sending for reuse.

(Though if it doesn't still have its fire resistance label, it might be hard to find a charity to take it. No reason not to advertise it on Freecycle though).

givemushypeasachance Sun 23-Aug-15 17:38:42

If it's clean and in good condition then I'd buy it - half my furniture comes from charity shops and you don't know the history, you just go on how it looks (or smells!).

Slightly off-topic but why would he want you to hire a skip to get rid of a single sofa? Most councils will take large items away if you pay a fee, or you pay a man with a van to do it. No need to hire a whole skip unless you're chucking out loads of stuff!

Iamatotalandutteridiot Sun 23-Aug-15 17:38:55

Oooh, I didn't think of the FR tags. yes, they would need them.

I will check and freecycle if it doesn't have them.

TheDietStartsTomorrow Sun 23-Aug-15 17:42:06

Show us a pic of it and then we'll decide. grin

DextersMistress Sun 23-Aug-15 17:42:42

Can we see it op?

And obviously your dh is bu, it's sounds perfectly usable.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 23-Aug-15 17:43:31

I loved some of the ones on google images so if it's one that I liked I might be tempted to buy it off you wink

LadyNym Sun 23-Aug-15 17:45:03

He wants to get rid of a sofa because a kitten weed on it?? He'd be horrified by our sofa!! One of our cats emptied her anal glands or whatever they're called on it, I spilled an entire cup of warm milk on it, pretty sure both boys have thrown up on it and I gave birth on it (though, to be fair, had a shower curtain under me). Bit of a clean and some bicarb for any lingering smells and it's fine! grin

GamerCh1ck Sun 23-Aug-15 17:46:59

Ooooh I like those styles, please don't bin it OP.

Iusedtobeapenguin Sun 23-Aug-15 17:49:44

He is BU.

What happens when you get another sofa & the kitten wees/poos/pukes on it? Will you be chucking out sofas weekly? confused

Iamatotalandutteridiot Sun 23-Aug-15 17:51:55

No FR labels so the charity shop is out :-(

Working on a photo!!!

PiperIsTerrysChoclateOrange Sun 23-Aug-15 17:52:57

I think it's better to wait until the kitten is litter trained.

I wouldn't get rid of a perfectly good sofa. Is he going to do the same with carpets ect.

Iamatotalandutteridiot Sun 23-Aug-15 17:54:12

it won't happen again - she is a great little kitten. It was a one off and she is now banned from all sofas

Ludways Sun 23-Aug-15 17:56:02

I've wanted a Ligne Roset pouffe for years, if you've got one ill have it from you! wink

He's definitely BU

PiperIsTerrysChoclateOrange Sun 23-Aug-15 17:58:07

How can you be so sure. My little kitten is only around 8 weeks old.

And lol at banning a kitten from the sofa, let me know how that goes on.

Iamatotalandutteridiot Sun 23-Aug-15 18:00:48

I do, but Ludways - the pouffe and chairs are not going... just the sofa!

and, yes, she is banned. All doors closed and she's basically in a cage at night now. A very large cage, but a cage none the less...

Iamatotalandutteridiot Sun 23-Aug-15 18:02:01

here it is

DextersMistress Sun 23-Aug-15 18:05:06

That is a lovely couch. I suspect your miles away from me otherwise I'd put an offer in wink

Otoh, yabvu keeping a kitten in a cage.

DextersMistress Sun 23-Aug-15 18:05:50

you're bollocks.

GamerCh1ck Sun 23-Aug-15 18:07:21

Ah that looks so comfortable and looks like it's in awesome condition.

RunRunAsFastishAsYouCan Sun 23-Aug-15 18:08:33

Can't see a photo but I love the range but way out of my league price wise.
Let us know where in the country you are, sure someone will take it off your hands.

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