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To insist on taking these bloody shoes back?

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Pyjamaramadrama Sat 22-Aug-15 19:05:32

I took ds to Clarkes for school shoes. He begged for Jack Nanos and I bought them, he's had a bit of a rubbish Summer holiday as we have a new baby so I paid a bit more than I would have.

It wasn't until I got home that I realised that there's a toy in the sole, a rubbish little car and when you take it out there is simply a big hole in the sole of both shoes. I just don't believe that they'll stand the test of time and the reviews on the Clatkes website for them say that the insole gives in.

I explained, we had tears but I said that he could choose any other shoe and exchange them.

He chose 4 pairs that he liked however the fitter said that none of them were suitable despite trying on different sizes and widths, she said the style wasn't suitable for his foot shape. He's hardly got unusual feet.

So we came away with nothing, the local independent shop is charging £55+ for school shoes.

Now ds is begging to keep these stupid Jack Nanos, so I'm left with keeping them and having paid £42 for a shoe with a hole in, or taking them back and making ds have a shoe that he doesn't even like.

Btw I don't really want to buy shoes that he's not fitted for as I've got a bit of a thing about having comfy feet and also I like to have some comeback if they rub his feet/fall apart.

CharleyDavidson Sat 22-Aug-15 19:15:14

I bought dd the girls equivalent, with the doll in the shoe a few years ago. The sole of the shoe caved in and I had to take them back. They did accept they weren't fit for purpose and offered an exchange. They measured her feet and because she was still the same size she got an exchange of the full value. Apparently, if they have gone up even half a shoe size then you get half the value.

Back then the boys version was more sturdy than the girls, but I don't know about now.

I dislike them as a teacher as they encourage the children to bring little toys in, to take off their shoes when they shouldn't be and to fiddle with things when they shouldn't be.

One option is to fill the hole of the shoe with something to prevent the sole from collapsing once the toy has been lost removed.

Pyjamaramadrama Sat 22-Aug-15 19:22:04

Thanks and I agree I could see it causing problems at school.

I did consider filling the hole with something but it's mad to be having to do that to a brand new shoe.

DoJo Sat 22-Aug-15 20:02:49

I agree that you shouldn't have to fill it, but having just checked out the pictures (and had a quick pray that they are out of fashion again by the time my son goes to school) it looks like you could probably fill the gap with a cheap eraser which would solve the problem cheaply and easily without too much heartache...

UrethraFranklin1 Sat 22-Aug-15 20:21:48

Just let him have them now, keep him happy, and then take them back for a refund when they inevitably fall apart. Win win.

hiccupgirl Sat 22-Aug-15 21:00:16

My DS had the Jack Nano shoes the last 2 times because there was nothing else in the shop that would fit his awkwardly sized feet. I've not had a problem with the soles caving in though his only lasted 5 months because he feet grew again and he started getting blisters in the old shoes.

I do object to paying more for the toys though as he lost interest in it in 5 seconds flat.

Katniramal Sat 22-Aug-15 21:24:02

My DS's have both had 4 pairs of Jack Nano's over the past few years. Never had the sole cave in and one my boys is very...robust

EatDessertFirst Sat 22-Aug-15 21:28:03

My DD has had three pairs of the girls version of these (only pair that fit her H width feet!) and we've never had the cave-in either. I take the toy out and leave it at home so DD can't fiddle with it at school.

ButterflyUpSoHigh Sat 22-Aug-15 23:49:18

My girls have had that style loads and never has the flap caved in. My friend removes the toy and superglues the flap down.

TheHouseOnTheLane Sun 23-Aug-15 00:05:13

I think YABU. We've had those shoes multiple times and the sole has never "caved in"

SingingSamosa Sun 23-Aug-15 00:07:47

We've had those shoes and never had them cave in either. My middle child has very small feet that never seem to grow more than once a year and she went her entire reception year in a pair of these with no problems.

CocoChanelsMa Sun 23-Aug-15 00:13:24

We've also had these shoes with no issues with the soles caving in. The shoes tend to be sturdy enough despite the toy gap.

I also agree with other posters - the toy gets taken out and lost long before school starts so no issue there with taking the toy to school anyway.

For all the hassle I'd just let him keep the shoes and see how they do. If they don't last take them back and get the refund.

Be warned - they're likely to last and he'll be begging for a pair next year as well ;)

oneowlgirl Sun 23-Aug-15 00:22:53

I have 3 boys & they've all had multiple pairs of these - never had an issue with them at all & they've certainly never 'caved in'. Id let him keep them.

weeonion Sun 23-Aug-15 01:19:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weeonion Sun 23-Aug-15 01:21:27

oh no! posted this in wrong place..... apologies and will ask for above post to be deleted.

DisappointedOne Sun 23-Aug-15 01:22:00

I think you need to get your own thread, weeonion

weeonion Sun 23-Aug-15 01:26:30

yep disappointedOne - have reported and asked or it to be removed. i clicked on add post instead of add thread.

apologies to all.

Mermaidhair Sun 23-Aug-15 02:32:33

I have just had to google these shoes with a toy. I am baffled! Why is there a toy in the insole? Very weird. I wouldn't buy them, I would buy shoes and then a small toy seperately. I would expect the shoes to fall apart.

BumWad Sun 23-Aug-15 03:03:40

I have a 13 week old DS (FTM) and I'm shock at £42 for a child's school shoes.

Better start saving...

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 23-Aug-15 03:44:20

We've had doll ones before and they've been fine, even for dd2 who is hard on shoes.

I live overseas, measure my own kids feet and have shoes shipped from john Lewis. It's a long story but we need black Mary Jane shoes and the shops here only stock one incredibly uninspired style. After hours of debating styles online, I ordered dd2 a pair of start rites in the right size with a floppet toy that attaches to the strap - this was the only acceptable compensation for ordering black shoes in 110F heat. Waited a week. Shoes arrived, socks on to try them .... No floppet! Tears, tantrums, wailing ensued (that was just me!) so I had to email John Lewis who are currently scratching their collective heads about sending me a floppet..... Apparently they can't just send me one, it has to come with a pair of shoes.... Bloody hate school shoes.....

TheRealAmyLee Sun 23-Aug-15 06:18:34

I accidently bought the girls version. They lasted a whole year with no issues. I also took the toy out and stuck the flap down. They are annoying though as the toy is lost in 5 mins then you get tears.

Im just breathing a sigh of relief as we got down to jack nano and dinosaurs and my ds chose toyless dinosaurs. Hadnt noticed the toy thing on the nanos.

Shutthatdoor Sun 23-Aug-15 06:33:25

My niece has the girl version of these shoes a couple of times and they have never caved in.

BikeRunSki Sun 23-Aug-15 06:42:40

DS had a pair of Jack wotsits last term. He wore the sole smooth in a term. I haven't been impressed with Clark's for a few years, but school shoes lasting less than a term is appalling! That is the last penny Clark's get from me. We have a lovely little independent shoe shop, where we got him some Froddo shoes last week - they have serious soles and toe bumpers and they'd better last, they cost nearly £60!

MillionToOneChances Sun 23-Aug-15 06:49:18

I took the toy out the first day, but the sole did go through fairly quickly. Got my money back, though.

CocoChanelsMa Sun 23-Aug-15 09:18:30

Bumwad don't panic. It's a long way off til school for you and your very little one.

However, I have bought much cheaper shoes for school before (£10 for a pair from certain big supermarket retailer). They didn't last more than a couple of weeks. Each of the 'branded' shoes such as clarkes/start rite/jacknano etc do generally last much longer, so although it seems expensive if they last our family over six months, then it's good economy, as my DC can get through 6 pairs of £10 shoes in six months, which costs more in the long run.

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