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To get frustrated with DH's way of doing laundry?

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ArabellaBoo Wed 19-Aug-15 13:08:43

DH rarely does any laundry, which is a sore point with me anyway, but on the rare occasion he does do it all he does is dump a huge load of washing in the machine, usually with a brand new white bra of mine in amongst loads of dark stuff. He puts the washer on and then just leaves it all.

He might take out and tumble dry the odd thing if he wants to wear it but everything else is just left. For the drying/ironing/putting away fairies to sort out.

AIBU to fucked off with him?

ArabellaBoo Wed 19-Aug-15 13:10:02

We both work full time BTW. Not that it's particularly relevant but I'm sure there'll be someone who thinks that a sole earner can get away with stuff like that.

Whatevva Wed 19-Aug-15 13:12:55

Sole earners can do laundry properly. Mine is proof of that.

I wish he would do something else and let me do it my way though hmm

trollkonor Wed 19-Aug-15 13:20:59

After a few months of that I would have reached the end of my tether. I would have asked him why he is being such a lazy arse hole and expecting me to do it again. If he doesnt understand how to do laundry why is he incapable of googling and reading about it? My swearing would have been increasing in volume and quantity.

I would stop doing any of his, if he leaves it to rot in the washing machine stuff it in a bin bag.

The put up a rota for washing bedding and t towels, he can't mess that up.

Creatureofthenight Wed 19-Aug-15 13:21:23

No YANBU, it's not "his way" of doing it, it's that he isn't doing it properly and then isn't finishing the job.
I would suggest either teach him to do it properly, or take on all laundry as your job and he takes on an equivalent task as his job.

steff13 Wed 19-Aug-15 13:25:20

Does he do other chores around the house? My husband is the worst at laundry, so I do all the laundry, but he does all the ironing, because I suck at ironing. It's a bit of a trade off for us.

ArabellaBoo Wed 19-Aug-15 13:26:25

Nope he does very little around the house too.

DorotheaHomeAlone Wed 19-Aug-15 13:26:47

I don't think this even counts as 'doing laundry' Surely the main part of the task is the hanging out sorting and folding? If I put a sponge and some Flash in the bathroom have I done the bathroom? Dishes in the sink= washing up done?

It's BS. Just do your own from now on.

ICanSeeForMiles Wed 19-Aug-15 13:32:00

I agree, just do your own.
We both have things we hate doing/ cut corners with, his is laundry, mine is cleaning the bathroom. We both leave the other one to it now grin

Binit Wed 19-Aug-15 13:32:01

you do the laundry and find a different chore for dh. People should split chores according to their skills, not each chore 50 50. He's clearly crap at it, as is my dh who smears detergent over the buttons hmm.

Penfold007 Wed 19-Aug-15 13:33:52

He thinks if he ruins your clothes you will ban him from washing. Let him wash, dry and iron his own clothes. Time for a serious conversation re chores, your his wife not the housekeeper

SurlyCue Wed 19-Aug-15 13:37:11

Hes doing it on purpose. A) because he doesnt want to do it and B) beause he knows you'll get fed up of this and stop asking him to do it.

New rule. Everyone does their own washing.

HedgehogAtHome Wed 19-Aug-15 13:39:45

People should split chores according to their skills

That 'skill' of taking more than one item out of the washer and putting it to dry? Hardly a skill. Maybe you could teach him the 'skill' or wiping with a cloth to deal with detergent on the buttons.

I hate washing up so DH does the lions share there and I do the lions share of the mopping. But when I do the washing up I don't fuck it up, ruin the things I'm washing or do a half-arsed job. There's splitting jobs fairly based on preference and being a cock, OP's husband is being a cock.

SurlyCue Wed 19-Aug-15 13:47:48

Right, lets get something straight here.

Washing laundry is not a skill. It is not tiling or sewing or plumbing or cake baking. Those are all optional extras a person can choose to learn to enhance their quality of life.
Washing the clothes you wear every day is not optional. Like fedding yourself. These are both necessary tasks all adults need to do to survive and function in the world. For some reason, some people have perpetuated the myth that these are jobs only a certain type (the uterussed variety) have the ability and motor functions to perform. This is rubbish. All NT adults can master these tasks in the shortest space of time. Google can help for anyone needing a clue about where to start.

I left home having never once been showing how to cook a meal, not even boil an egg or how to wash a load of laundry. I have always lived alone, yet somehow i still exist and i exist in clean clothing.

whois Wed 19-Aug-15 13:51:26

I think you should stop doing each other's laundry. Have your own basket and do your own laundry.

chrome100 Wed 19-Aug-15 14:03:24

Well that's exactly how I do laundry and it works well for me! If you don't like it, you should do your own.

lanbro Wed 19-Aug-15 14:07:13

The easiest part of doing laundry is putting it in the machine. The task of sorting before, drying, folding and putting it away is what takes the time (we don't iron in our house!) What he is doing is certainly not the whole job of doing the laundry by a long stretch!

merrymouse Wed 19-Aug-15 14:08:27

I think all you can do is keep your laundry separate and wash your own clothes.

merrymouse Wed 19-Aug-15 14:09:19

(Assuming you have explained to him what he should be doing)

hopperglove Wed 19-Aug-15 14:21:50

My OH does no laundry.

It suits us both for me to do it all. We work as a team and both pull our weight.

acquiescence Wed 19-Aug-15 14:27:34

Separate laundry baskets all the way!

Mintyy Wed 19-Aug-15 14:29:26

Wholeheartedly agree with SurlyCue.

Do your own laundry and leave him to let his fester in the machine. Do not waiver!

hopperglove Wed 19-Aug-15 14:30:49

But isn't it more economical to bulk loads together rather than everyone do their own thing?

My OH wears white cotton shirts for work, I don't wear many white cotton things that need a long hot wash, so it makes sense for me to put a couple of garments of mine in with the white shirts, or some white cotton tea towels. And how do you split the kids clothes? Who does that?

hopperglove Wed 19-Aug-15 14:34:21

And what about shared items? Duvets, bath mats, cushion covers, TV blankets etc?

Mintyy Wed 19-Aug-15 14:35:39

Op's husband doesn't seem to care about sorting the laundry hopperglove. Did you actually read the op? She doesn't mention any children either.

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