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Think I'm overanalysing this

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Parishiltonslefteyebrow Tue 18-Aug-15 01:06:09

Met sisters boyfriend tonight.

Can be a bit nervous when meeting people for the first time so sometimes overcompensate. Everyone was trying each other's drinks and he offered his up and I took a sip from it, was the only one to do this. I feel like that was an awkward thing to do and maybe overly intimate of me?

Also worried about eye contact (I know I'm a freak). I do not fancy him - I just panic when I meet people sometimes re holding eye contact. Too little and you look like a freak, too much and you look like you're in love with them!

Sometimes get panicky meeting friends and family's boyfriends/platonic male acquaintances as you want to be polite, laugh at their jokes (basically acting how you would on a date) without of course being flirty but that is a difficult balance to strike

I'm tipsy so apologies. I probably sound crazy

EatShitDerek Tue 18-Aug-15 01:19:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MagalyMaman Tue 18-Aug-15 02:06:05

Don't worry.

But I know what you mean about eye-contact! I sometimes feel looking right in to somebody's eyes for ages even if they're talking to me and would expect me to be looking at them, it feels a bit too lovey lovey. It's a fine line sometimes. Try being interviewed by two people. Hate that!

Koalafications Tue 18-Aug-15 02:45:27

I think it's best to reflect on this when you are sober, not tipsy. smile

It was just the sip of a drink.

Koalafications Tue 18-Aug-15 02:46:01

Oh and I bloody hate making direct eye contact, it's bloody uncomfortable

Koalafications Tue 18-Aug-15 02:46:13


maddy68 Tue 18-Aug-15 08:56:31

Totally over analysing. Taking a sip of a drink is not intimate at all?

Really don't worry about this

Allbymyselfagain Tue 18-Aug-15 09:32:32

Oh god it's not just me! Eye contact terrifies me. I end up staring at peoples mouths instead which im sure makes me look just as weird.

But you are over analysing the drink thing OP. Woudl you think it was weird if he tried yours?

Parishiltonslefteyebrow Tue 18-Aug-15 13:00:30

Thanks everyone!! You're right, I wouldn't be creeped out if he tried mine at all. Think I'm over analysing because I did feel like I held his gaze too long sometimes (you know when you start thinking about eye contact and then you can't stop haha) and then I was like oh my god, I look like some kind of hussy who's trying to break them up. Anyone else find meeting friends'/family's SOs quite scary? As I said before you want to get on well with them but not to seem overly invested - haha such a minefield, I'm sure when I get to know him better it'll be fine smile

Gottagetmoving Tue 18-Aug-15 14:09:57

Stop worrying about what other people may think and what they interpret what you do means! ..relax and be yourself. If something feels right to you, then that is ok,..if not, then don't do it.

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