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To ask about sunburn?

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WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Tue 18-Aug-15 00:35:38

Took dcs to the beach last week.
They were covered by uv suits/clothes...
I put sun cream on exposed little hands/feet/face.
In the time it took to do this, I got cooked!
I know I burn, so I take care...
But I sorted dd first, thinking I would be fine for a few minutes.
Anyway, after several nights of interrupted sleep from the pain, the peeling has started.
Not too bad, only sore if it gets bumped.
Apart from a scabby bit. At the top of my chest. I think it may have blistered? But that bit is really sore.
I am tempted to put up with it for a few more days. Just take a neurofen at bedtime if its bad.
Or should I be trying to get in to see dr?

cariadlet Tue 18-Aug-15 00:45:25

tbh I don't know what a dr could do. I'd just put good old fashioned calamine lotion on to ease the stinging. DH likes after-sun stuff if he gets burned.

I don't like the heat and usually avoid the sun, but was stupid years and years ago and got so sunburned that my face blistered. I felt a right idiot and was sore for a few days, but it passed.

Sapat Tue 18-Aug-15 00:49:58

The best cream for sunburn is Biafine cream. You can buy it on Amazon. I am on hols in France, took the kids to the open air swimming pool and of course I got burnt (kids fine) and I just plastered the stuff on and if was miraculous.

Welshmaenad Tue 18-Aug-15 00:50:06

Yes to nurofen. You also need aloe Vera - raw from the lead ideally, if not then oure hand filleted stuff, not that lurid green banana boat shit.

Peppasmate Tue 18-Aug-15 00:51:55

E45 is my saviour if I get sun burnt. I'm a red head so very fair. Take some nut of en too.

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