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To delay delivery by 3 days because of a Flood in house?

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DopeyDawg Mon 17-Aug-15 23:01:27

I saw some church pews advertised in Gumtree.
Met owner who gave me lots of spiel about how he could have sold them for 3 x the price to an interior designer etc. as he showed me around his beautiful converted church.
I agreed to buy, paid 50% and rest to pay upon delivery (also paid for) in around 1 week.
He texted me this morning asking which day this week I wanted delivery.
I texted back saying we'd had a catastrophic flood at weekend and house consequently in terrible state and wouldn't be able to receive them until beginning of next week now (so potentially only 3 days later).

I got a 'what's wrong? where is my money?' text hours later.
I replied that I had texted this morning and forwarded it.

He says: 'your flood not my problem. Your decision: do you want them?
I didn't want to sell them anyway but need the £ and could have sold them 3 times over.'
I text back: 'a bit harsh, I'm flooded out. Yes I want them, I've paid and have receipt, but I'm flooded out and need a few extra days.'

Text back:' We all have problems. I need the money to get to ill Grandma in Channel Isles and after my mother died last year she's all I have.'

Flip. I don't want to be unreasonable.
I could pay him (as he is obviously needing the money) but then I think he is going to be difficult about delivery after all this.
I cant collect as I am disabled so would be stuffed if he were awkward.
But I physically have nowhere to put them right now. Literally nowhere.
I could ask for my £ back but I don't think he will give it and I don't suppose the police will help?

HootOnTheBeach Mon 17-Aug-15 23:14:39

Do you have a friend or someone who could store them?

DopeyDawg Mon 17-Aug-15 23:26:41

I don't, or I would have done that as it is a good idea.

I do think he's being a bit harsh and I don't want to get into some sort of 'competitive woe' thing with him but this: 'I didn't want to sell them / I could have got more' is a bit much - it was up to him who he sold them to and for how much and he was very happy with the deal including to deliver Friday but 3 days later is no good, yet he is not offering money back just 'the deal is off' if I don't take them this week?

ReginaBlitz Mon 17-Aug-15 23:41:27

He is right really it's not his fault you have had a flood, it is your responsibility to find somewhere for them to go really. Me personally as a seller would say that's fine as I already have the deposit, but you agreed something with him and you're now messing him about. Why did you not just pay and have them delivered on the day you saw them?

DopeyDawg Mon 17-Aug-15 23:48:07

Because he couldn't deliver until this week.
He was quite happy with that arrangement.
He wants rid by Friday.
I would prefer Monday as it gives me the weekend to try to make space.
I have been dealing with insurance and local council and waterboard as it was a major flood.
Not his problem, I see, but a little civility wouldn't have gone amiss.
Ho hum.

Griphook Mon 17-Aug-15 23:49:42

I think yabu, he is obviously only selling them because he needs the money, your flood isn't really his problem to deal with, it might not be logistically possible for him to delay delivery.

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