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WIBU to stop chasing these plumbers to take my money?

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fishcake84 Mon 17-Aug-15 14:50:39

Boiler seemingly packed in mid-May. Called local plumbing company, they sent someone out the same day and he identified a problem with a pump. Told me the pump would be about £150 plus labour. I was expecting that the whole boiler would need replacing (it is about 20 years old) so was delighted. The same guy came the next day and did the job, telling me the office would contact me regarding payment.

One week on, no bill or phone call from the company. I rang them myself and a flustered sounding admin person answered, saying they were behind with their paperwork and not to worry, they'd be in touch.

About maybe 2 weeks later again, I still hadn't heard anything so called again. It was possibly the same woman who answered and she again said that she was behind but was catching up. I'll point out that she didn't actually take my name and check she had an invoice for me etc on either of these two occasions.

So, basically, I forgot about it! It is now three months since the work was done and I was only reminded that I haven't paid them today when I flicked through our local magazine and saw an advert for the company which jogged my memory. I am now of the opinion that if they were desperate for my money, they would have asked for it. Or AIBU?

Katie2001 Mon 17-Aug-15 14:54:37

Don't worry about it until they ask you, they'll catch up eventually. It's a business so if they are not running it efficiently, that's their look-out.

DirtyMugPolice Mon 17-Aug-15 14:59:28

Could you send an email asking about settling up - if for no other reason then you've tried once more?! I'm just thinking 6 months down the line when they are trying to tidy up for the financial year end and flustered administration woman works out where £150 is missing from - at least you can then refer to email sent in august 2015 showing you weren't trying to avoid payment!

redexpat Mon 17-Aug-15 22:09:49

Ooh MN usually gets a bit heated with these sorts of threads. I think yanbu. you have chased twice which shows willingness to pay. Others will come on and accuse you of being dishonest and a thief.

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