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To say thank you to all the GPs and let them know they really do make a difference

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JamAndClottedCream Sun 16-Aug-15 23:08:09

I just wanted to show my appreciation for the doctors who have helped me and every patient who they have made a positive difference to.

I had a complete breakdown a few months back, left work and was diagnosed with depression. It has been (and still is) a horrible time for me and I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the stigma of having a mental illness. I had to practically be begged by family to go to the doctor after dealing with undiagnosed depression for years and emotionally exploding one day.

It was so scary going to the doctor when I had been bottling this up for such a long time, and when I went to see him I broke down crying and felt totally humiliated. But he could not have been more supportive or lovely if he tried. A few months on I am doing a bit better, and honestly, if it hadn't been for the support of my doctor I don't think I would be here. I am so thankful for everything he has done to help me and I'm sure many of you feel the same way about your own GP.

I think GPs who really care and want to hep their patients are fantastic and just want to thank them and say how much I appreciate everything they do. Also not just GPs but HCAs, nurses, counsellors etc. Really thankful for your help and concernsmile

PurpleDaisies Sun 16-Aug-15 23:11:41

That's fantastic. Have you thought about popping a few cards to the people that made such a difference to you? Anonymously if that's easier for you? I'm sure they would love to hear that their care was so valuable to you. There's a lot of low morale out there in the NHS at the moment.

Gymbob Sun 16-Aug-15 23:16:36

thanks glad you're feeling a bit better now.

I agree that overall gp's are wonderful people. I had a fantastic lady gp who would ring me personally when the receptionist could have done it.

is it the done thing to drop a card into your gp to express your gratitude to him? I'm sure it would make his day smile

Gymbob Sun 16-Aug-15 23:17:34

great minds and all that purple grin

PurpleDaisies Sun 16-Aug-15 23:20:30

grin gymbob

My GP friends love getting cards because it tends to be quite rare and often they say when the patient gets better they don't always see them ever again so it is nice to know they did a good job.

JamAndClottedCream Sun 16-Aug-15 23:21:12

Hi Purple and Gym, I have often thought I would like to do that but wondered if it was appropriate or not. Glad that others think it is a nice thing to do smile I shall do it.

EmeraldKitten Sun 16-Aug-15 23:22:09

I think you'd bu to say thank you to 'all' of them tbh. GP's are no different to anyone else, there are some great ones, some ok ones and some shit ones.

I agree with the pp's though, it would be a lovely gesture to send a card to anyone that has helped you personally.

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Sun 16-Aug-15 23:22:29

Hear, hear. My GP practice is great; gps physiios, nurses and receptionists.


UghMug2 Sun 16-Aug-15 23:24:07

I haven't had a good GP in decades. I have no desire to thank any of them. I know I've just been really unlucky but I have an irrational hatred of GPs now.

RedCheckedTablecloth Sun 16-Aug-15 23:28:50

I never seem to see the same GP twice but they have been great mostly, just one shitty one.

But a big thank you to the great ones I have seen and a big, big thank you to Dr Skinner!

Gymbob Sun 16-Aug-15 23:33:16

red I'm sure Dr Skinner would appreciate a card too, he might not see your post grin

MaitlandGirl Mon 17-Aug-15 03:25:35

My DP had a fantastic GP when we lived in the UK. She has various complicated mental health issues and suffered a complete nervous breakdown when she was 25.

The GP was fantastic - he phoned morning and night to see how she was and never once dismissed her (totally unfounded) concerns.

When we emigrated we went in to see him and he was so thrilled with her progress he gave her a big hug and had tears in his eyes over how far she'd come.

We're lucky as we've found another great GP over here - but isn't it sad that we consider ourselves lucky to find a GP who goes that extra step and looks at the person beyond the symptoms. Surely this should be how all GPs behave.

JoandMax Mon 17-Aug-15 03:46:10

We had a brilliant GP when we lived in the UK, he was an amazing support during DS2s early poorly years to both me and him. I went far too often and he never ever looked fed up or frustrated just calmly listened, reassured and was generally lovely!

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