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To ask how marked/celebrated significant birthdays?

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Frizzcat Sun 16-Aug-15 13:17:32

I have a significant birthday coming up this year, I normally don't do very much for my birthdays. This year is a milestone and I've decided to do something and that's the problem, my mind has gone bloody blank.hmm

So MN what did you do to mark a significant birthday?

Frizzcat Sun 16-Aug-15 13:19:16

Oh Ffs - To ask how you marked/celebrated significant birthdays?

IvanOsokin Sun 16-Aug-15 13:21:54

I/we go away! As far away as is affordable at the time, which has varied from significant birthday to significant birthday. I love it as I hate the pressure to do something for a milestone birthday and I really enjoy going away, which we don't get to do often.

pasturesgreen Sun 16-Aug-15 13:37:54

I usually go away on a city break and book a nice evening out at the theatre on the actual birthday. I have social anxiety, so cannot abide all the usual fuss that comes with birthdays: meal out, drinks, loud partying...

Also, some years ago I started a sort of tradition whereby on birthdays ending in 0 and 5 I'll splurge on an expensive, durable treat (think jewellery or a posh accessory).

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 16-Aug-15 15:21:14

My Mum decided for her 70th that she wanted to be under a banyan tree in Yunnan. I like that idea!

MamaLazarou Sun 16-Aug-15 15:23:26

I'm 40 in a fortnight and m completely skint so won't be doing a thing! sad

WorraLiberty Sun 16-Aug-15 15:24:26

Went to the Harvester for DH's 40th

Went to the Harvester for my 40th

The most rebellious thing we did, was dodge the salad cart grin

FarFromAnyRoad Sun 16-Aug-15 15:26:14

The spirit of travel and adventure is strong with Worra grin grin

Did you buck convention and have the garlic mushrooms instead of the herbed ones? <<<legs it>>>

elQuintoConyo Sun 16-Aug-15 15:30:31

My 18th = Harvester

30th = Venice, ultra-cheap (think Ryanair flights, hotel in Mestre - over the bridge). Had a great 48hour weekend grin

40th = tea and cakes in my garden (couple of months ago).

I'd like to do something for my 50th, trip back to the US or something. Will probably end up with tea and cakes with friends in the garden again!

StampyMum Sun 16-Aug-15 15:31:20

For my 40th, we had an all day/evening party at home, afternoon tea merging into BBQ, with Pimms then champagne later. Then we rented a fabuloso house in St Ives for a week and took the family and friends with us. It was probably a bit much, in retrospect.

For DH's 50th, we went to York for the day, spent most of it in the railway museum grin

Frizzcat Sun 16-Aug-15 17:08:11

I'm definitely not doing a party as I'll be so worried it's rubbish that I'll be constantly making sure everyone else is having a great time.

I'm thinking I'd like to do something nice on the day and go away minus my children. I love them but I need a break.

Frizzcat Sun 16-Aug-15 17:08:58

Oh and I love a Harvester Worra

cathcustard Sun 16-Aug-15 17:10:39

Weekend away with DH & no DC.
It was like the early days but with more sleep blush

fourtothedozen Sun 16-Aug-15 17:19:33

I detest birthdays. Especially my own.

Birthdays celebrations are lovely for kids.
Unseemly for adults.

PrettyObvious Sun 16-Aug-15 17:31:15

40th, dinner party for 14 at a restaurant, where I knew the people who ran it. That was really good fun as my parents came over from the UK. We had a great evening.
50th the young man insisted on taking me out to dinner. This was not so good, food fine, location great (I chose), but I had driven over from one side of Europe and he had driven up from the south and had to go back again for the next morning. Also I wasn't allowed any wine with my meal :-(
60th, I have a few years to think about.

Sighing Sun 16-Aug-15 17:32:01

Orient Express on his 40th for my train oriented husband. No plans for my 40th as yet. But a meal at a very nice restaurant we save for big occasions seems likely.
I am also pondering hiring a cansl boat for a weekend.

NoahVale Sun 16-Aug-15 17:39:34

We are going to a show in London, with a meal. but tempted to do something else, but lack of passports, in date, makes it difficult and expensive.
for my 40th we went to Portugal, family holiday.
zilch for my 30th

esiotrot2015 Sun 16-Aug-15 17:40:22

18th - clubbing with school friends

21st - posh dinner with then boyfriend which my parents paid for

30th- nothing had newborn

40th - family picnic with about twenty present

Would love to go away for 50th

Kitella Sun 16-Aug-15 17:42:52

I never celebrate my birthday because it's a bad time of year for me work wise. So having done nothing for years, I decided to splurge out for my 40th.

I took a small group of friends out for a local spa and then for an afternoon tea at a posh hotel.

On my birthday I had a nice meal out with my husband.

I've just had a weekend away in London with my family (parents and children). We saw a show, did the sights etc...

And I was going to have a BBQ, but that got postponed. So I'm doing that soon. Just a small party.

But that'll be the last time I do anything for my birthday until I turn 50 grin.

TidyDancer Sun 16-Aug-15 17:45:19

18th - meal in local Caffe Uno

21st - pub with friends the night before (most of my friends fucked off to a London club on my actual birthday and didn't invite me)

30th - nice lunch with family in pizza restaurant and takeaway in the evening (exactly what I wanted btw)

NoahVale Sun 16-Aug-15 17:46:20

well if you are going as far back as 18th grin
18th I cooked for some college friends.
for 21st went clubbing with friends.

Frizzcat Sun 16-Aug-15 18:09:31

See I've never really marked a significant birthday.
18th went out with friends
21st can't remember I think I worked
30th small children no babysitters or money
My 40th is the next one

Totality22 Sun 16-Aug-15 20:21:37

18th = had my last a level exam
21st = had uni exams
30th = had a party that didn't turn out great..wish I'd had fucking exams instead.

Totality22 Sun 16-Aug-15 20:23:55

For my 40th I'm going away. Fancy Iceland....

DurhamDurham Sun 16-Aug-15 20:28:09

For my last significant birthday which was my 40th I went to New York. We couldn't all afford to go so I took my then 17 yr old daughter while my husband took our then 14 year old to Spain as she was happy with a sunshine and swimming holiday.

It's my husband's 50th next year so we've been saving up for us all to go to New York.

My youngest daughter was 18 in May and we had a big party for her at home and paid for her and her boyfriend to go to Amsterdam.

We aren't ones for big presents in our family but we all enjoy holidays and trips away.

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