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To think the parents should have been supervising this toddler

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Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 20:42:31

Today we went to a big open farm, we were in this enclosed play area with sand and tractors, quite a big play area with a gate that could easily be opened by the toddler, not really a deterrent. Myself and dd carer saw this young child on his own, about 18 months to 2 years max. We and another family were in the play area, we asked the fami,y if he was their son, they said no. No other adults near or around the play area so we waited about 10 mins to see if somebody would come to fetch him, nobody did, so my carer waited with my kids and the boy, whilst I fetched a member of staff who came.

Mum came running from round the corner and said he was her child. I then. I told her we were worried as he seemed on his own you can never be too careful etc. she then said he's ok her, and turned her back and went in the opposite direction towards the rock climbing, leaving her ds on his own in the play area. We hung round the play area for a bit more, the boy there with us too. She came back about 5 mins later, and walked off with her ds. I sent this a bit young for this kind of thing. Or am I being a bit cotton willing [cinfused]. He could have pushed the gate door and wondered off, or snatched.

Penfold007 Thu 13-Aug-15 20:54:58

Sadly you and your nanny/carer need to concentrate on your DC and ignore other people's DCs.

ChampagneTastes Thu 13-Aug-15 20:57:33

People are idiots. Basically.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 20:58:24

I know, we just couldent. He was on his own with nobody in the vicinity.

Goshthatsspicy Thu 13-Aug-15 20:59:27

From what you have explained, it doesn't sound like you are being unreasonable. smile l always kept/keep my little ones by my side.
It is very trendy to be as 'hands off' as possible. Perhaps you met a mum like that's that? wink

Goshthatsspicy Thu 13-Aug-15 20:59:41

*like that

Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 21:00:31

I think so gosh, free range parenting I think confused

Floggingmolly Thu 13-Aug-15 21:03:06

What did the member of staff say when they saw her just walking off again? They should have had a word; I'm fairly sure it's a requirement to actually accompany your young kids at a city farm...

Floggingmolly Thu 13-Aug-15 21:04:07

It's trendy to abandon your toddler to the four winds??

ShadowStar Thu 13-Aug-15 21:04:42

I would expect a child that young to be supervised. A child that sort of age isn't old enough to understand danger, and can easily put themselves into potentially dangerous situations if left to themselves for too long.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 21:04:49

Nothing flogging, he just said ok to the mum and walked off.

Egosumquisum Thu 13-Aug-15 21:05:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Floggingmolly Thu 13-Aug-15 21:07:07

Why couldn't he have been snatched? A tiny toddler out of sight of his Mum. It's not like she'd have noticed for a while, by the sound of it.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 21:07:28

We were shocked when she turned her heal and went in the opposite direction. We did wait to see if she woukd come back as we just child nit leave that little bit on his own, thank goodness she came back. I think if we had to leave we would have walked the boy to his mum near the rock climbing.

Egosumquisum Thu 13-Aug-15 21:07:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 21:09:32

Well it's a farm with open areas. Really it's nit safe for a child that young. Ego it's not impossible that he could be taken, who knows.

TendonQueen Thu 13-Aug-15 21:10:00

That's not good on the parents' part, and I'm not impressed with the venue either. I'd have expected them to do something if a very young child is unsupervised, if only to avoid trouble for themselves.

Floggingmolly Thu 13-Aug-15 21:10:54

I've no idea, Ego. I've also no idea how many thefts occurred down our local High Street, but I still wouldn't leave my handbag outside a shop while I went in to browse.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 21:11:18

At that age I would expect a parent to closely supervise, they are still babies.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 13-Aug-15 21:13:12

tendon when she rushed up I told her we were worried so called a helper, he could have wondered off or been taken. She did nit seem that bothered.

Egosumquisum Thu 13-Aug-15 21:15:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

summerpuddingandclottedcream Thu 13-Aug-15 21:16:57

It's not great, but it sounds like she had more than one child to look after and figured the littlest was fine where he was. At least she noticed when a member of staff was called.

charlie0123 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:20:15

I've no idea, Ego. I've also no idea how many thefts occurred down our local High Street, but I still wouldn't leave my handbag outside a shop while I went in to browse.

^^ this. Well said flogging

Mrsjayy Thu 13-Aug-15 21:20:36

You get parents who think ooo play area and just dump and run i think its terrible i had to rescue a toddler last year off a slide because they got their foot stuck the mum came running when i shouted said wheres your mummy

TheForger Thu 13-Aug-15 21:21:54

Yes he should have been supervised. The likelihood is that nothing would have happened to him but if he had tripped, knocked himself he would be upset and want his parents. I understand that parents have children of different ages to manage and you may not always be really close but you have an eye on them and you don't leave a child of that age alone.

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