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To have lurked but not posted when the site was hacked yesterday?

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MurielWoods Thu 13-Aug-15 13:54:56

Complete coward alert grin

It was fascinating watching it all unfold and my utmost respect to those mumsnetters that openly baited the hacker yesterday (DadSec/Jeffrey). Hard as bloody nails some of you wink

I almost posted on the update thread but chickened out at the last minute.

Any fellow scaredy-cats?

GinBunny Thu 13-Aug-15 13:56:22


<runs and hides again>

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Thu 13-Aug-15 14:00:14

I tweeted him but when it transpired he did actually have a bit of hacking skill turned into a coward and deleted them blush

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