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RaaRaaNoiseyLittleLion Wed 12-Aug-15 22:12:57

My son was caught shoplifting today...

He's 15 months old and is already able to pick things up without anyone noticing. Ground swallow me now!

We were in a shop today, when DH and I got back to the car we realised that little man had picked up a packet of baby food that had taken his fancy. To ensure he gets the message we took it off him (cue drama prince) big tears and frowny mouth. We told him no (not sure whether he actually knew what we were talking about as he probably hadn't connected it with actually taking the item). Anyway I tramp back to the shop as DH is loading him into the car to return said item. Go in and I can't find where it has come from, so I speak to an assistant and sheepishly explain what happened. She then said 'so he's starting out on the right track in life then' and she was SERIOUS!! FFS he is 15 months old.

AIBU to say sod trying to be an upright member of society and train him to become an arch criminal instead?? One that is really nice to his mum (think James Cagney not Tony Soprano grin)

ollieplimsoles Wed 12-Aug-15 22:17:13

haha! I remember once a horrified man rushing back into the clothes shop were I worked with a £70 dress- his daughter had grabbed hold of it in her pram as they were heading out and he had found it a few steps out of the door. He was very sorry and kept saying so. The plastic tag was still on it so god knows how she managed to avoid the alarm going off!

Op these things happen, they are only babies! Telling him its wrong to pick things up and walk out with them is the right thing to do.

However he is 'starting out on a track in life' be a shame to waste his talents..

paulapompom Wed 12-Aug-15 22:38:02

While in a wide double buggy my daughters collected at various times : vests, a giant toblerone, some cutlery from Woolworths, a carton ofjuice that they dropped and which burst everywhere. They are big now and never get me a giant toblerone <sigh> encourage this track...

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