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Wedding invite regrets

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Hezaire Wed 12-Aug-15 21:42:48

Aibu to regret who I invited to my wedding? This was 5 years ago and there are loads of people I invited who I have never seen since?
I think I just invited loads of people from my childhood and cousins and other people who had been part of my life when I was young but actually probably weren't a big part of my life at the time of my wedding.
I've been to other weddings where the bride and groom haven't seen some of the guests in years even though they still live close

Anyone else had similar thoughts?

Hezaire Wed 12-Aug-15 21:43:54

It's not really a "regret" we had a lovy wedding but I wonder if I should have done it differently. It was more like a reunion I suppose and I wonder if a lot of weddings are that

summerainbow Wed 12-Aug-15 22:03:10

Friendship is a two way street .
Why not get back in contact with them?

BastardGoDarkly Wed 12-Aug-15 22:05:55

We only had 50 guests for our day do, so no, they were all people we are very much in contact with.

The night do was more of a free for all, and some people we haven't seen for ages can't to that.

Hezaire Wed 12-Aug-15 22:13:26

Two way street. Yes I do completely agree

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