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to refuse this job?

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ChopinLizst Wed 12-Aug-15 20:00:16

I work as an in-house lawyer, part-time, for a consulting company. My usual remit is things like writing letters, checking over and writing contracts and very occasionally representing the company in court. I also advise on strategy where appropriate.

There has been a case on-going for a good few weeks now which I have been heavily involved in. It's almost (hopefully!) at a close. One of the last things involves going to court next Monday morning. As expected, I was passed the brief for this and I began to prepare.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of this week I became ill. Very ill. And this illness has wiped me out totally. I usually tend to try and push through episodes like this, but in this case I just couldn't and told my boss as much.

Understandably he's quite stressed about the whole thing, but on the night I told him how ill I was he sent me text after drunken text which I only saw in the morning. The last text at midnight was something along the lines of "And no response! Great. We need someone who can commit to this company whatever. I'm sorry that you're ill but I hope you understand my situation. I think it's time to pass this over to someone who's there 100%".

I was annoyed that he was criticising me for not replying at midnight when I'd told him I was ill. I have always gone over and above what I need to for this role. I am always working evenings and weekends for him. I don't mind, but when he takes the attitude he has done, it grates!

So he decided that he was going to employ Counsel to come in and represent. He was very happy with this and told me to do a handover. I wasn't entirely sorry because for me to attend the hearing would involve either leaving home at 5am on the day or travelling up the night before (Sunday) which would cut into my weekend (I have DC).

Now, he's discovered that Counsel will cost about 4 times the amount he thought so he's backed out and is expecting me to hop back into line and represent.

AIBU to say no???? I had made childcare arrangements which I subsequently cancelled and I didn't want to travel in the first place. If I don't do it he will have to represent himself, which isn't too much of a hardship in this case, i.e. it's not one that he needs stacks of legal knowledge to negotiate. I can't work out if I should just suck it up and go anyway, or whether I can rightly say no. Illness-wise I'm feeling a lot better and on meds so I'll be completely recovered by Monday.

laffymeal Wed 12-Aug-15 20:36:23

Renegotiate your fee. If the replacement was going to cost 4x what he would have paid for you, tell him you'll do it for half that (i.e. double what you would normally take). If he baulks at it, walk away.

TenForward82 Wed 12-Aug-15 20:39:07

Hmm, can't speak to that but at the very least he owes you a serious grovelling apology.

Goldmandra Wed 12-Aug-15 20:46:32

Renegotiate your fee.

I assumed you won't get a fee as an in house lawyer; just your usual salary?

If you think you will be well enough I think you probably need to do it but I would make sure he's aware that you've had to rearrange childcare you had cancelled and mess you family about.

I might also be asking for a significant salary increase at my next review.

Theycallmemellowjello Wed 12-Aug-15 20:47:07

I guess it depends how secure you feel your position in the company is. He has been a complete arse, but tbh as it's only wednesday now I think it might look a bit U to refuse to do this.

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