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To just not approve of alcohol served on flights?

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TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 11-Aug-15 14:57:35

I just don't see why it's necessary to serve alcohol on flights. Why? People who smoke can't do that....and fair enough...alcohol makes many people act like twats.

CamelHump Tue 11-Aug-15 14:58:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peppermince Tue 11-Aug-15 14:59:31

Look out! Kill Joy was Here!

superram Tue 11-Aug-15 14:59:40

It doesn't make me act like a twat and I enjoy a g and t at the beginning of my holidays. There are bigger things to worry about. You only get one drink short haul anyway-I would be more concerned about those people who get tanked up in the departure lounge before boarding.

TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 11-Aug-15 14:59:50

On long haul flights they just give it away don't they?

TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 11-Aug-15 15:00:35

Super ok...on short haul flights...two hours or under, it's not an issue I shouldn't think.

FarFromAnyRoad Tue 11-Aug-15 15:00:41

You going to ban alcohol in airports too then? Because as I see it the problem is mostly not the alcohol consumed on the flight but the vast quantities taken in the two hours of caged boredom that precedes most flights.
It's not that I don't agree with you - but I think it would be better to weed out the abusive wankers before they even get on the plane. That wouldn't be all that difficult and it would send out a good message to anyone thinking of trying similar behaviour.

CloserToFiftyThanTwenty Tue 11-Aug-15 15:01:22

The last long haul flight I was on with my two DC the steward looked at me and them and silently handed me an extra bottle of wine with a wink... grin

TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 11-Aug-15 15:01:55

Closer an extra bottle? When you're looking after children?

leedy Tue 11-Aug-15 15:02:40

"On long haul flights they just give it away don't they?"

Not any more they don't, unless you're flying oligarch class or whatever. Last Transatlantic flight I did (DUB-NY) I got one glass of wine with my dinner, that was it. Think it was the same DUB-SFO. I remember getting a couple more complimentary drinks the few times I flew business class (welcome drink after getting on board, drink before meal), but it was hardly an all-you-can-booze experience.

ProjectPerfect Tue 11-Aug-15 15:02:57

The vast majority of people don't act like twats after a drink though hmm

I imagine serving alcohol actually makes the plane a more peaceful place - people have one or two and then sleep. No bother.

PurpleSwift Tue 11-Aug-15 15:02:58

I find it odd considering it's illegal to be drunk during a flight. But they'll make a fair bit of money from it.

It doesn't bother me personally but I fly very infrequently and have never had to endure a flight of drunks before.

Birdsgottafly Tue 11-Aug-15 15:03:08

I like a drink on the flight, I consider it the start of my holiday.

I'm of the frame of mind that bad behaviour should be punished, rather than ban something.

CatMilkMan Tue 11-Aug-15 15:03:17

So should everything that isn't necessary should be banned? Why is what other people do in flights any of your business?

leedy Tue 11-Aug-15 15:03:33

"Closer an extra bottle? When you're looking after children?"

Mini bottle, I assume! Basically an extra glass.

Unless I've really been flying on the wrong airlines...

TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 11-Aug-15 15:04:25

Birds yes...that's more of a sensible way to look at it. Maybe they should breathalise people who seem drunk before they get on board...and not let them on if they're over the limit.

leedy Tue 11-Aug-15 15:05:09

I fly a fair bit and don't remember any unruly drunks as a result of in-flight wine either, it's not like they just keep feeding you it even if you're bladdered.

I do remember an air rage incident about reclining seats but it was at the beginning of the flight before anyone had been served anything. They may well have been drunk but they got that way before getting on the plane.

TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 11-Aug-15 15:05:17

Cat well when I'm sitting next to them for hours, it IS my business. Especially when I've paid for the privilege.

GGabcd Tue 11-Aug-15 15:06:00

Just got back from a Dublin SFO flight and you had to pay for all booze.

TheHouseOnBellSt Tue 11-Aug-15 15:06:17

LeedY ah yes....the seat issue! I think they should disable the recline feature unless the flight is long haul and then they should only recline when the lights go off.

CaspoFungin Tue 11-Aug-15 15:07:12

Most people who have drunk loads before a flight or on a flight just sleep so apart from the snoring I've never had any problems!

SerialBox Tue 11-Aug-15 15:07:23

Don't see that many people acting like twats as soon as they have a drink on a plane to be honest.

Infact my DD (3 at the time) loved the lads who were on our flight to Ibiza who had had a few. They were great with her. The lad sad across from us sat and played snap with her for about 40 minutes. Don't think he won once. He wasn't a twat but it did make him suck at snap or maybe he was just being nice.

Think you need to lighten up a bit. Oh and I had 3 glasses of wine too, yes in charge of a child. Shoot me!

GraysAnalogy Tue 11-Aug-15 15:07:49

Plenty of us are able to have a drink without becoming legless and being a dick.

There's plenty more issues of flying that could be addressed IMO

CamelHump Tue 11-Aug-15 15:07:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Tue 11-Aug-15 15:08:31

In Scotland 'the limit' is approx half a small glass of wine. I'm perfectly safe to sit in a chair after that amount of alcohol, thanks very much.

I don't tend to drink if I'm with a low cost airline because I won't pay their prices, but the thought of longhaul without a gin.... Is not to be borne.

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