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To ask you if summer holidays are easier/harder with one DC or 2+

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TheNewStatesman Tue 11-Aug-15 13:35:31

Was just reading the thread about wishing that the school holidays are over already. Most of the comments seemed, at some point, to mention the whole problem of siblings fighting and arguing all day long.

But I've been told by other families that it's harder if you have an only child because you have to arrange things for them to "do" all day long, and don't have the option of just booting them out into the garden to play together etc.


trackies Tue 11-Aug-15 13:42:29

Hmmm difficult. I was an only child looked after by childminders. I just had to play in thier house on my own. Very boring. I now have 2 dc. I take them out everyday, usually for at least a couple of hours. As soon as they get home they fight like cat and dog. Drives me mad! Started counting last year. Then sit them in corner if they get to 3. They areuch better than used to be but still fight enough to annoy me everyday. That being said, they do play nicely sometimes and I do think they are having a better childhood with a sibling. These days only children need to be taken out a lot as they don't get to play on street with neighbours kids anymore.

trackies Tue 11-Aug-15 13:44:26

I don't think it's harder having an only child due to activities. I really think it depends on your kids. Pros and cons to both scenarios.

ilovelamp2 Tue 11-Aug-15 13:54:37

Tough question as I guess you only really have one set up in the other.

We have one DD aged 4 who us happy to entertain herself for a fair bit but to be honest, as a we both work full time and I am off for the whole summer I don't mind doing lots together. I like how we can do what one of us picks and not have to consider a younger/older sibling and if we decide to do something big then it's not actually that expensive as it's just the two of us. Although yesterday we just did park, Lego, play doh- nails and mopped the floor together!? At times though I have felt a bit like I just need half an hour off...

We invite cousins and friends to our house quite regularly so over the last three weeks she has had on average 2 days each week with other children round to play all day. Generally, they play nicely together and I gave definitely had half an hour her and there. Today, I actually managed to eat my breakfast alone and watch Homes Under the Hammer! So that's the upside. The downside is that sometimes, especially if there are siblings here, there is a little bit of bickering/faffing over which colour plate they get/trying to boss each other around which I'm not really used to but obviously manage. I guess if they were mine though, it would be easier to just let them get on with it.

I think both set ups have their pros and cons and are not totally exclusive. A family of two kids won't always play together anyway and family of one child isn't always playing alone. I don't think one is any easier than the other - just different.

Mistigri Tue 11-Aug-15 14:37:37

Depends on the children's ages, the age gap, and how they get along.

When mine were younger it was definitely easier with two as they would play together. Now, it would be probably easier with one as they are at different stages (immature 12 yo boy and very adult 14yo girl, there could easily be 5 years between them instead of 18 months) and have very different interests.

One is definitely less expensive of course, if you have to resort to play schemes and summer camps!

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