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Why do 16-18 year olds have to pay adult rates whilst students are concessions?

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xavierfondue Mon 10-Aug-15 14:01:15

Please, will someone tell me if I have got this all wrong?

I have a girl in sixth form and apparently she has to pay full price as she is now classed as an adult. She doesn't have a student card as that is for proper students, ie 18+. The only discount we seem to get is on her 16-25 railcard, otherwise I end up lying through my teeth saying "Yes, she's still 15."

The cinema is especially annoying - I said that she was still at school but because I couldn't prove a valid ID card for her, she had to pay the full rate.

Am I missing something? I've googled this and the only card seems to be the NUS card which, of course, she won't get until she's at college or uni.

I hope I'm wrong - otherwise sixth formers are completely penalised which seems very unfair.

balletgirlmum Mon 10-Aug-15 14:05:16

Because you have to pay for an NUS card & retailers ec agree to offer discounts in return for the NUS promoting them.

It is unfair but unless a consortium if 6th forms got to together to agree similar discounts they won't be offered.

Listmaker Mon 10-Aug-15 14:08:05

It is really annoying I agree. But I did get my 17 year old an NUS card - you can apply online for them and you get discount in lots of shops so it's already easily paid for itself.

FreiasBathtub Mon 10-Aug-15 14:09:35

Was going to say the same as Listmaker - I remember getting one of these (ahem) years ago when I was in sixth form:

It's called NUS Extra

AliceInSandwichLand Mon 10-Aug-15 14:11:24

You can get student discounts most places with any sort of card proving that you are in education. It doesn't always have to be an NUS card. My daughter is also in sixth form and sorted herself out some sort of student ID that works very well. Unfortunately she's away at the moment, so I can't ask her what it is. Some county councils will provide ID cards for anyone in full time education that can be used to get discounted rail fares for journeys to school - my DD has one of these as she gets the train to school - and this might do. I am also a student myself and have an ID card from my uni, although I am not an NUS member. I get discounts with this with no problems.

xavierfondue Mon 10-Aug-15 14:11:24

OOOh, thank you Listmaker and FreiasBathtub - I'll look into it grin

AliceInSandwichLand Mon 10-Aug-15 14:11:52

cross post - my daughter must have an NUS Extra card then!

TheAwfulDaughter Mon 10-Aug-15 14:12:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

xavierfondue Mon 10-Aug-15 14:14:45

Have had a look - thank you! I'll email her the link and get her to sort it out.

Thanks, Mumsnet - I knew I could count on you x

16 year olds can get NUS cards - you just have to be 16 or over and in full or part time education I think. Has your DD tried to apply?

howabout Mon 10-Aug-15 14:15:34

We have YoungScot cards which give the same benefits as students. The school handles the admin of applying for them but you can also get an application form at our library. Sounds like NUS extra is similar?

DocHollywood Mon 10-Aug-15 14:17:19

I understand your pain. There is so much variation depending on the venue/operator etc! 16 year old are children and the sooner there is a blanket agreement on this the better. Dd3 had a child season train ticket for secondary, but now in 6th form, I have to pay a yearly £20 to the LA to get a third off adult fares. When we are out as a family she has to pay adult admission fees while my older two dds have their student cards.

oops sorry posted before refreshing the screen!

You only have to be a student in the broadest sense to get an NUS card in fact - I'm doing a very, very part time distance learning course and qualify for one apparently blush ... no use to me as a 40 year old living overseas though grin

QforCucumber Mon 10-Aug-15 14:22:12

I used to get discounts in college using my college ID card,

you had to wear it on a lanyard at all times to show you were a student there. Didn't need an NUS card until uni.

WitchofScots Mon 10-Aug-15 14:27:38

6th form students can get an NUS Extra card to get student discounts

muminhants1 Mon 10-Aug-15 14:31:12

I wonder why you even need to be in full-time education. Even if an under 18 is working, they get paid peanuts and nowhere near the adult minimum wage. I think an adult should mean just that.

Also, why do airlines consider 12 year olds to be adults?

SuburbanRhonda Mon 10-Aug-15 14:34:11


It depends where you are in the country.

In London (of course), apprentices can get a special rate Oyster card, same as students. Not sure if there's a similar scheme anywhere else in the country?

LazyLouLou Mon 10-Aug-15 14:35:04

Under 18 year olds should all be in some form of education.

BareGrylls Mon 10-Aug-15 14:41:46

I got NUS discount cards for Dc when they were 16. Many places also accept 6th form college ID cards but the NUS card gives more discount. It paid for itself in Pizza hut alone for DS1 grin.

hejhej Mon 10-Aug-15 14:44:02

Anyone can just buy an nus extra card, they don't check young college and send it straight to your home..

elbowsdontsing2 Mon 10-Aug-15 14:44:46

my ds starts his last year in secondary scl in september but hes 16 in november does that mean hes got to have an adult bus pass

bored1602 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:41:50

If she has an email address ending in (I did in sixth form) then she might be able to sign up for a Unidays account, which works like a student card on your phone.

WitchofScots Mon 10-Aug-15 15:45:09

LazyLou does anybody actually monitor this though? I know they should be but who checks? What happens if they aren't? A friend's DD doesn't want to stay on in 6th form and so hasn't applied for a place but hasn't been able to find any apprenticeships.

bruffin Mon 10-Aug-15 15:58:48

My dd is 17 and we buy her student rates at the cinema without an nus card and she has a young persons rail card.
However in my area they get a discount to go to school in 6th form. You pay a £25 but get a 1/3 off travel to their school station. But they are not entitled to that when they are in year 11, so if you have september borns like mine they have to pay full adult fare to get to school even though they are of compulsory school age.

bruffin Mon 10-Aug-15 16:00:24

Look on your local council website. In our area I think they can still get half price bus fares but as I said above there is not concession for train fares until they get to college or 6th form.

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