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Rubbish on pub tables

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LazyLohan Sat 08-Aug-15 11:18:10

I was out at the pub last night with DH having a quiet drink. We were outside at a small table and there was a large table of hipster types next to us. A few of them, every time they finished with something were just turning around and dumping it on our table. So empty crisp packets, the plastic off cigarette packets, empty cigarette packets, spent match packets. I asked them to please stop putting rubbish on our table and dispose of it elsewhere.

They descended into some sort of very hipsterish rant about our apparent 'inability to harmoniously interact and share space with others in a cooperative tolerant manner'. My husband said 'look mate, she's just asking you not to use our table as a bin' and they responded 'Oh yeah, you're two people who've found the right person, miserable and hate other people, if you can't operate as part of an amicable community you should just stay home brother'.

Is this just me? Is that an acceptable thing to do? They didn't want rubbish on their table, should I be expected to tolerate it on mine because they've put it there.

YUDOTHIS Sat 08-Aug-15 11:20:23

I think you already know you're not being unreasonable.... I think after the "stay home brother" comment i'd have considered decking him....

eyebags63 Sat 08-Aug-15 11:21:02

I probably would have thrown it back at them. They sound like a group of wankers.... as most hipsters are anyway.

NaiceHamSandwich Sat 08-Aug-15 11:21:37

That actually happened? confused I'd have scooped it up and put it back on their table and then repeated whatever shit they had just spouted at me.

alleypalley Sat 08-Aug-15 11:27:43

Really? You didn't just call him a fucking weirdo and dump their rubbish back on their table?

LazyLohan Sat 08-Aug-15 11:29:56

It did actually happen. One or two of their friends did look a bit embarrassed. But most of them seemed so self righteous about it they did sort of make me doubt myself. Like I should have been relaxed about it. They seemed to think that I was incredibly petit bourgeois despite hipsterism being petit bourgeoisim in vintage clothing.

LazyLohan Sat 08-Aug-15 11:31:34

It was in Hackney too, so perhaps not that surprising. House sitting. Although I did once live here many moons ago, but the hipsters were neither so numerous nor objectionable in those days.

Skeppers Sat 08-Aug-15 11:40:22

You should have clambered up onto their table and curled a steaming dump right in the middle of it, asking if that was 'harmonious' enough for them...

I fucking hate hipsters.

Reignbeau Sat 08-Aug-15 11:41:45

Pretentious dickheads. Hopefully they will look back and cringe one day.

WorraLiberty Sat 08-Aug-15 11:45:28

Fucking hell. It sounds like a script from The Young Ones! grin

I could so imagine Rick and Neil saying those things!

Jux Sat 08-Aug-15 11:45:50

What is a hipster?

Jux Sat 08-Aug-15 11:47:46

Netflix doesn't have The Young Ones sad I wanted it for dd. the BBC don't repeat the whole thing, so she's only seen the odd clip. It's very sad.

WorraLiberty Sat 08-Aug-15 11:51:33

Jux I bought a box set for my DS16 from the BBC website.

Can't remember how much it was though. Maybe about £16?

WorraLiberty Sat 08-Aug-15 11:53:32

Oh it's gone down to £8.99 with free delivery!

leccybill Sat 08-Aug-15 11:57:26

Not too sure of the definition of a hipster anymore. Are beards still hip?

MadHattersWineParty Sat 08-Aug-15 12:00:37

OP, I was about to ask if it was Hackney area.... I know this type only too well.

Hipster wankers!

LazyLohan Sat 08-Aug-15 12:30:50

Some beards are okay I think. Others are 'too mainstream'. All the men seemed to be channelling Supa Dj Dmitry and Towa Tei. Which is a shame because I liked Dee-Lite. The girls certainly weren't channelling Lady Miss Keir. I can only describe them as looking like a cross between a 1920s aesthete and Deidre Barlow circa 1981.

Birdsgottafly Sat 08-Aug-15 12:54:21

Thankfully this hasn't reached Liverpool.

I did see a man who was the ringer of an Edwardian strong man, but he looked suitably embarrassed when faced with my "Are you fucking serious?", face.

At least the beards are stopping me finding young men (-40) inappropriately attractive.

Skeppers Sat 08-Aug-15 13:14:53

The5DayChicken Sat 08-Aug-15 13:19:32

I've never come across anyone who'd think this was ok! shock

Why didn't you dump it all back on their table and tell them to stop being lazy hipster bastards??

kissmethere Sat 08-Aug-15 13:38:13

Wtf seriously? This would have come to blows if this happened to me and dh! Disgusting behaviour!

YouTheCat Sat 08-Aug-15 13:44:13

I hope they choked on their craft ale.

limitedperiodonly Sat 08-Aug-15 13:52:54

They wouldn't have dared do that in a Hackney pub 30 years ago.

MammaTJ Sat 08-Aug-15 15:23:55

They were the ones with the 'inability to harmoniously interact and share space with others in a cooperative tolerant manner' not you. You were behaving normally, not invading anyone else's space, not dumping your rubbish on others. They were being selfish dickheads!

FithColumnist Sat 08-Aug-15 17:45:31

What the actual fuck? shock What a pretentious cunt! I would have lamped him one and made him eat his sodding rubbish.

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