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Why do I need to explain myself if I want to cut someone off!

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Jessde Sat 08-Aug-15 00:07:58

I've known this girl for 1year 1/2 and she has done so many things that make her an unloyal, annoying, horrible person.
She did however lend me money when I desperatly needed it but besides that she is racist, homophobic and aggressive.
One time last year she started an argument with me and told me not to contact her again I was like YESSSS GREAT STUFF
then she comes up to me at work apologising and saying how sorry she is was.

I like a dickhead carried on talking to her really it was because of work and I didn't want it to be akward

Now I don't work with her anymore so it's like my freedom but no matter how many times I ignore her messages or calls she won't piss off

I might see her in an office when they need a temp so I don't want to start a big whoha but really?

She's so annoying, she invites me somewhere then on the day doesn't call me then texts me a few weeks later saying "hey how are you"
I have ignored her message and call but she called me again a few hours ago for fuck sake what is wrong with some girls you would think I was her boyfriend or something

Should I just block her?
I don't feel j have to explain myself to her she's just a negative arsehole

WorraLiberty Sat 08-Aug-15 00:10:29

You don't have to explain yourself

However a short explanation would obviously help to clarify.

If you don't want to do that then yes, just block her.

Colandular Sat 08-Aug-15 00:10:38

Thats the beauty of cutting someone off completely. You dont have to hear or know anymore. I block and delete. Gone!

EatShitDerek Sat 08-Aug-15 00:10:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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