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To be feeling confused and like im getting mixed signals?

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notwhistlersmother Sat 08-Aug-15 00:04:10

Met a guy online a few months ago. Became really close, went out a few times etc and then with his work schedule/home life decided itnwouldnt work out

Anyway- I got a text randomly out of the blue about a month ago and we started chatting and getting to know each other again. He was feeling down at the time- losing his job, his best friend was away travelling and he felt lonely. So i was there for him- texted everyday, met up a couple of times for lunch.

Anyway- i know his friend came back last week, and they went away for a few days to catch up etc. Told me he would miss me, talking to me and for me to get back in touch this week when he was back on Tuesday morning.

So I did just that- saying "hope you jad a good time! smile" and I got back a non commital thank you. Texted him again today asking how work etc was going and all I got back was "All good thanks. Enjoy your weekend". Tried to start a conversation with him and while a few weeks ago this would lead to texts being sent back and forth- i didnt get. Areply

Am i wrong to feel like im getting mixed signals. And that ive maybe been used to fill a void?

Parmajan Sat 08-Aug-15 00:16:38

Sorry OP, I've had this too and it's shit. It sounds like he's not emotionally mature enough to deal with having you and his best friend there, and needs someone to cling to. Move on and find someone better. When he next calls be busy (or better still ignore), you'll find someone better for sure smile

Bonkers1 Sat 08-Aug-15 00:21:06

I honestly wouldn't bother with him, OP. It does sound as though you've been used to fill a void and you're worth more than that. He is just not worth it.

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