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taking baby to beach.

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ghostspirit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:22:25

im taking my 4 month old to the beach.. his pram has a good sun shade. but he will want to be picked up most of the time. is there anything he could wear that could protect him from the sun. would him be to hot in a thin baby grow? he will wear a hat and cream but i want to protect his skin as much as i can.

ReginaFelangi Fri 07-Aug-15 22:24:36

Don't you have like 6 kids?!

I took my then 4 month old to the UAE. She wore short dungarees or babygros. No hat or suncream (not good for such a young baby's skin).

neolara Fri 07-Aug-15 22:25:53

You can buy an all in one sunsuit which he can wear over a nappy / swim nappy. You can buy them all over the place, like boots or John Lewis.

LittleMissStubborn Fri 07-Aug-15 22:25:58

You can get UV suits, so that might work.

AlanPacino Fri 07-Aug-15 22:29:01

A UVA/UVB sun tent will allow you to feed/change in adequate shade.

littlejohnnydory Fri 07-Aug-15 22:29:04

UV suit. I disagree that young babies shouldn't wear suncream, mine have from birth and sun protection is most important imo. I used a sling on the beach today and found that baby was shaded by my big hat! We also had a uv tent.

ghostspirit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:30:08

regina i have never taken baby that young to the beach. thank you i will google the uv suits

formerbabe Fri 07-Aug-15 22:30:09

would him be to hot in a thin baby grow?

Depends on the weather surely? confused

ilovesooty Fri 07-Aug-15 22:31:13

No she doesn't have "like 6 kids"

Wtf was that comment about?

LibrariesGaveUsPower Fri 07-Aug-15 22:31:26

Sit in the shade of hot, surely? smile

AwfulBeryl Fri 07-Aug-15 22:31:43

Can you get one of those little pop up tents ? I have seen loads of families with babies and young children using them. You can keep him in the shade then and it will stop some of the wind.
Otherwise a hat a vest and some sunscreen should be fine, depending on how hot it will be.

ShakesBootyFlabWobbles Fri 07-Aug-15 22:34:16

When my children were that young, I'd use a UV suit (lots on eBay second hand if money an issue), uv sunshade pop up tent and poundland used to do a tiny paddling pool (almost doll size really) that I'd put some seawater in for them to splash in.

ghostspirit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:40:48

i did think about them little tents. but still wont help when he wants to be held. which is all the time.

from what i remember theres not anywhere to sit in shade. and i think still need protecting in shade..

weather wise its going to be 23-26

i dont have time to get uv suit on line hoping mothercare might do them

badg3r Fri 07-Aug-15 22:46:17

We took ours at a similar age. Long sleeved uv vest, swim nappy, lots of Sun cream and a hat. Sit in the shade yourself when holding them? And keep the hat and top wet to keep them cool. Have fun!

ghostspirit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:46:27

13.00 in mothercare. thank you smile

badg3r Fri 07-Aug-15 22:47:51

iirc you can get them in mother care.

ReginaFelangi Fri 07-Aug-15 22:51:08

No she doesn't have "like 6 kids"

Oh, sorry. Just the 5. hmm

Wtf was that comment about?

Odd for such an experienced parent to ask such a basic question.

greenandgold Fri 07-Aug-15 22:56:06

And always in AIBU. Regina; always ...

ghostspirit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:56:22

regina im quite your there are probably loads of basic questions all over mums net

ghostspirit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:57:55

green for traffic. because get answers here.

WoonerismSpit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:58:43

Fucking hell regina, who pissed on your chips and told you it was vinegar?

greenandgold Fri 07-Aug-15 22:58:45

I think we all know why you post, ghostspirit.

WoonerismSpit Fri 07-Aug-15 22:59:30

Eh? I don't green...enlighten me, please...

SnozzberryPie Fri 07-Aug-15 23:00:07

A pram on the beach is going to be a nightmare. Could you take him in a sling and carry a big umbrella / parasol to shade you both?

ghostspirit Fri 07-Aug-15 23:01:23

out boredom and because i had a question to ask. so i did....gosh all i asked was about protecting babys skin in sun...maybe time for a name change :/

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