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To think this is not news?!

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kewtogetin Thu 06-Aug-15 14:13:06

Am I being a bit naive or is this really not news? I suppose I'm thinking 'this is what some of the older generation do'? I don't think Id be screaming and hysterical like the mother in the story.
Maybe I'm a tad neglectful and would be fine with all and sundry kissing my children......thoughts please!

Salmotrutta Thu 06-Aug-15 14:23:32

I can't click your link but...

I'm guessing there is a sad-faced mum holding her baby and a headline "Pensioner kisses baby on lips"?

Good grief. hmm - they could at least have found a dead donkey story instead.

kewtogetin Thu 06-Aug-15 14:30:42

Close salmo, no sad faced mum picture as the parents are still deciding whether or not to press charges for the 'alleged assault'....

Salmotrutta Thu 06-Aug-15 14:49:12

I looked it up and I read the quote from someone in the article who said (and paraphrasing here) that the pensioner "wouldn't have been still standing" if it was their baby! shock

Granted most people don't necessarily want random strangers kissing their babies on the lips but if it was just a harmless old man making a fuss over a baby I feel very sorry for the old man.

limitedperiodonly Thu 06-Aug-15 14:53:41

Maybe she was this one from Drag Me To Hell.

If you'd seen the film you'd know it would be unwise to object and a threat that the woman 'wouldn't have been still standing' would be an empty one grin

ollieplimsoles Thu 06-Aug-15 14:57:02

Ugh, gross.

Creepy old man...not a family member, a fucking stranger. I would be slightly sick and very angry.

Salmotrutta Thu 06-Aug-15 14:59:43

Don't holiday in other European countries then olliplimsoles where people will practically grab a baby off you and make a huge fuss of it.

limitedperiodonly Thu 06-Aug-15 15:29:32

I've just looked it up. I note it happened in Aldi.

Can I be the first to say it wouldn't have happened in Waitrose?

It doesn't mention tongues.

Salmotrutta Thu 06-Aug-15 15:34:02


Gottagetmoving Thu 06-Aug-15 16:02:17

Not knowing the full circumstances, is daft to get hysterical. Yes, would be a shock and not something you want to happen but the old man could have dementia for all we know.
Why do people choose to get hysterical on the behalf of someone else? I don't blame the mother reacting at the time but other people reacting dramatically is ridiculous.
As for calling him a 'creepy old man' FFS! He is old which doesn't mean he is creepy!

ollieplimsoles Thu 06-Aug-15 17:01:07

Salmotrutta When my dad went to Thailand they took my 8 month old little brother with them and the waiters in a restaurant asked if he could sit in the kitchen with them, they were obsessed with him! My dad said they loved with little white belly and they were rubbing it and laughing :D

Mulligrubs Thu 06-Aug-15 17:03:10

It is creepy and fucking awful IMO, you don't kiss someone's baby on the lips especially if you're a stranger. Don't care how old or young you are.

pinktrufflechoc Thu 06-Aug-15 17:03:39

Just read the article and it sounds like it's other people going mad not the parents.

Birdsgottafly Thu 06-Aug-15 17:05:29

So at what age does it become unacceptable for an adult man, to kiss a stranger on the lips?

I have travelled the world and whilst babies are fussed over, kissing on the lips hasn't been the norm.

Having had a toddler with a mouth full of cold sores, thanks to my Mum, I'd knock anyone away that went to kiss my Grandchild on the lips.

They're not welcome to kiss me on the lips either.

Mum's instinct are sometimes correct and we shouldn't be branding women "hysterical", unless we were there and know those involved.

Birdsgottafly Thu 06-Aug-15 17:07:39

""My dad said they loved with little white belly and they were rubbing it and laughing :D""

Did they kiss him on the lips, or was it genuine affectionate behaviour that you'd expect?

We had enough odd behaviour dressed up and passed off, towards children, since time began.

Daisss Thu 06-Aug-15 17:08:03

I wouldn't have been violent but I would have gone fucking mental.

Daisss Thu 06-Aug-15 17:08:42

I wouldn't have been violent but I would have gone fucking mental.

Alisvolatpropiis Thu 06-Aug-15 17:11:57

I love it when people make a fuss of my baby, I would be more than slightly taken aback if a stranger kissed her the lips. Unsure if I'd be stunned into silence at the time though.

Alisvolatpropiis Thu 06-Aug-15 17:12:59

But yanbu - it is not news.

slithytove Thu 06-Aug-15 17:42:14

I would be very unimpressed with this. Not to the extent of going to the papers, but I'd probably have come here for a rant!

LadyCuntingtonThe3rd Thu 06-Aug-15 18:00:13

My first reaction would be to slap the person across the head or push them over. And shout.
I also wouldn't allow anyone who is not relative or a friend to kiss my baby. Doesn't matter what age. I suppose if it was a kid up to maybe 12 years, I could forgive it, but any adult would be falling over rather quickly.

I don't understand why in recent thread about FIL kissing OP's DD or demanding a kiss, everybody said that she shouldn't be forced to do it. But in this case it seems that some people find that it's not that bad. hmm

Mrsfrumble Thu 06-Aug-15 18:26:09

I'm with you kewtogetin. There's so little context to the story that's it's hard to understand why everyone involved reacted do strongly. Maybe the pensioner did try and snog the baby, or he had a face full of cold sores or something.

But if it was just a peck and my baby, then I may have been unimpressed but would have thought a firm "please don't do that" sufficient.

crustsaway Thu 06-Aug-15 18:41:26

I'd sort of go eww maybe but to press charges! just goes to show what a "precious" society we live in these days. Ridiculous to say the least.

Fluffyears Thu 06-Aug-15 19:03:10

I read about a young baby dying from a strep b infection from being kissed. Babies shouldn't be kissed on lips, beautiful little heads are better.

Mrsfrumble Thu 06-Aug-15 19:11:52

I find the casual threats of violence - in the article and on here - disturbing.

No one knows why the man kissed the baby like that, but it's far more likely that it was because he thought it was acceptable to do so, maybe because of cultural differences or dementia or SN, rather than a malicious sexual assault.

Also on the Mirror website is a story about a teenager who was badly beaten up on holiday because he tried to make friends with some girls. The tone of the article is that he didn't deserve to be hit just because he has a condition that means he doesn't always understand appropriate social boundaries, and yet attacking an elderly person who's behaviour may have been down to a similar lack of understanding is apparently reasonable.

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