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Neighbours and keeping communal area tidy and free of rubbish... AIBU to say we will get rats?

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Jaleh Tue 04-Aug-15 17:12:55

We live in flats so have a communal landing area. Our NDNs keep leaving bags of rubbish outside their front door sometimes overnight.
It's not far to go out to wheelie-bins (just one flight of stairs).

I hate to see their rubbish-bags when I step out of my flat and sometimes the rubbish smells bad and the smell comes under our door sad
When we first moved in they used to leave very smelly rubbish-bags out so DH had a word about smell, neighbours apologetic and seemed so embarrassed. For a month they took all bags straight out to wheelie-bins.

Now they are slipping back into the habit of leaving rubbish-bags on landing again angry Usually not smelly ones but still it looks a mess and often leaves a faint smell. They also leave heaps of recycling on landing and don't take it out for days. Many times I've watched them walk past their rubbish-bags, go out to their car (past the wheelie-bins); I'm baffled why they behave like this, why don't they just take the bags out?? They seem nice people apart from this.

AIBU and fussy to expect them not to dump their rubbish-bags outside their flat (even if the bags are not smelly or only a bit smelly)? Would IBU to put a polite note under their door warning them it will attract rats and flies? DH thinks I should ignore it but it irritates me!

Flaperon Tue 04-Aug-15 17:21:19

Report it to your management company. It's extremely unlikely that they will be allowed to leave rubbish bags in the communal hallway and I would expect their lease to actively forbid it.

Leaving anything in a communal is a fire risk (see also countless threads about why people can't just leave their prams/buggies in a corner of the hall).

Imustgodowntotheseaagain Tue 04-Aug-15 17:22:03

Have you got a management company? Ours would come down very hard on anyone leaving things on the landing, whether smelly trainers, bicycles or rubbish.

GraysAnalogy Tue 04-Aug-15 17:27:55

That's disgusting. Why would anyone expect they can do this! I wouldn't ignore it at all.

My neighbours used to carry their rubbish down but clearly they'd had liquids in and it would spill on the carpet. It STUNK. Complained and got the carpet shampooed by the management company.

Oh and our apartment block there were a few different areas in in but we all shared the same big bins. Our exit door incidentally was just at the side of these big bins. One of our neighbours thought it was acceptable to put all sorts here. Furniture, boxes and boxes of shite. one day I had enough, they'd put their old shit and piss stained mattress at the side of the door so it fell and blocked our door. So me and DP went out at like 11pm and dragged it back to their door and put it in front. First thing they'd have seen on opening their door is their own filthy mattress. They got the message because it never got put back.

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