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To have lost my fight lately

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Figamol Tue 04-Aug-15 17:00:03

DS who just turned 3 is diagnosed autistic. Its exhausting, I fight for him all the time, against ignorance and for everything he needs, when people who aren't directly involved just don't care as much as they should.

But todays just one of those days where I just couldn't. At the pediatricians office talking about schools, when I mentioned which private one Id like to try and integrate him into she was like oh no they won't take him. I know she knows the school, possibly even her kids are there. But she just said it with such disgust I definitely knew what her opinion was of him integrating in 'typical' school was. He could with an aide. But I didn't say anything, I let her get away with it.

An hour later I took him to a local fete with loads of bouncy castles. He was sooo happy. It was huge relief to have a break for 5 mins watching him from a few metros away. And then this younger kid arrived on the 'path' he was on (my kid was getting past this obstacle first) and this mum started shouting at him and telling him to move. He just doesn't understand this and I discretely told her the issue and she said well I work with autistic kids. Continued to shout at him, finally dragging him out of her kids way. He had taken a dislike to her kid and was purposely blocking him at this stage but didn't lay a finger on him. I was gobsmacked. She did it again a couple of mins later but even harder. And I was so shocked, tired, whatever, I just didn't say anything. My poor son. Of course he doesn't care but I didn't have his back and I feel bad about it. I feel bad I let her get away with it when really I should have thrown myself on the castle and lamped her.

My personality is non confrontational. I don't know where Im going to find the fight for him as these type of situations are becoming more frequent. AIBU to just let some things slide even though Im dying of heartbreak inside once over the shock. To not want to fight all day long.

Mrsbird311 Tue 04-Aug-15 17:17:50

poor you, you didn't let your son down but in future it might be an idea to speak to the person running the ride and tell them about your sons needs and if anybody touches your son calmly tell them to take their hands off your child, if they carry on tell them firmly that you will contact security , some people are so nasty, as regards to school my advice would be to look into a special school I tried mainstream and they didn't have a clue, the special school my son is in is amazing and it allows you to relax knowing his needs are being met.

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