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AIBU to think this is a little bit yucky?

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FloppyRagdoll Mon 03-Aug-15 21:42:33

I was talking to my sister, whom I'll be visiting soon. I spent a week with her back in May. While chatting, she said, "Oh, I haven't put on clean sheets since you were last here - the bed has only been used once since then when A (granddaughter of a friend) had a nap when she was visiting." When I visited in May, DSis hadn't changed the sheets since my previous visit in February. I only have a little twintub which I have to stand over while it does its not-terribly-efficient stuff, but when anyone stays over, I strip the beds as soon as they've gone, even if I know they will be back the following week.

The weird thing is that in every other respect, DSis is a much more particular housekeeper than I am: eg every bathroom is cleaned daily, including mopping the floors, the main rooms are hoovered every day, the kitchen floor is mopped after every meal, etc. Washing isn't a problem for her as she has a super-duper state of the art Miele machine; and, for instance, it's not unknown for her or her DH to have a couple of changes of clothes in a day - everything gets washed after it's been worn once.

And WIBU to strip the bed "to help" at the end of my visit? (I always offer this and she always turns me down; it's only today I realised why!)

woowoo22 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:47:04



Theycallmemellowjello Mon 03-Aug-15 21:48:25

It depends how long you slept in the bed each time I reckon. If it was one night in Feb, one night in April and once now, YABU - no need to change the sheets after three nights of the same person. If a week each time YANBU. IMO you only strip the bed if someone else is going to use it, or if it's been used enough to need a wash in its own right. I guess someone else did use it - so technically maybe the sheets should have been changed after that. But I'd be too lazy to change sheets before/after a guest's short nap, and wouldn't be bothered about sleeping in a bed after one.

nitsparty Mon 03-Aug-15 21:48:34


Smokeyrobinson Mon 03-Aug-15 21:48:53


Theycallmemellowjello Mon 03-Aug-15 21:49:21

Oh sorry - I see you said you spent a week in May. Oh yeah, the sheets are dirty.

FloppyRagdoll Mon 03-Aug-15 21:57:40

Jello, it was five nights in Feb and a week in May. This time I'll be staying for 12 nights.

Pastaeater Mon 03-Aug-15 22:00:59


Floggingmolly Mon 03-Aug-15 22:04:03

envy. I used to stay over at the weekend with a school friend when I was around 15, and I slept in her brothers room as he'd be staying over elsewhere.
I found out later that the sheets were only changed around every three weeks or so.
So, I'd sleep in a bed he'd already slept in, he'd sleep in it all next week and then I'd sleep in it again, until the glorious day of sheet washing eventually rolled round.

guiltynetter Mon 03-Aug-15 22:12:14

I think YABU. you slept in it for a week, did you spent that whole time being disgustingly sweaty or wetting the bed or something? I'm guessing not, so really, it's only like sleeping in your own bed on sheets for two weeks.

guiltynetter Mon 03-Aug-15 22:14:13

I mean when you get there and are getting into bed at night are you seriously going to be thinking 'eww these sheets haven't been changed since I slept in them last time I stayed?' at least it was you! it's not like she's had a few guests since then but not bothered changing them, I'd find that a bit gross. excluding the couple of hours the little girl slept in there.

FloppyRagdoll Mon 03-Aug-15 22:23:45

I'm sure that's my DSis's thinking, guiltynetter. I am menopausal, so I tend to be pretty sweaty sad, although I always have a good wash before bed. I tend to shower in the morning when visiting DSis, as their shower is really noisy and my DBil is nearly always in bed long before me so I wouldn't want to disturb him. At home, I change my own sheets at least once a week, more often when the hot flashes are bad. Also, at home, I always put my duvet out to air on the balcony.

ThoseAwfulCurtains Mon 03-Aug-15 22:34:51

It's yucktastic.

BillThePony Mon 03-Aug-15 22:48:27


We have stayed at my FIL's 5 times in the last 4 years and the sheets haven't been changed, I have told dh he either tells him to do it before the next visit or we take our own bedding.

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