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moronic colleague

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zara020 Mon 03-Aug-15 13:33:22

My colleague is an odd one at the best of times but she's just called me 'a bit rude' for not blessing her when she sneezed. Yeah... sorry about that. WIBU? (I know the answer) is anyone else expected to work under these conditions!?

LittleprincessinGOLDrocks Mon 03-Aug-15 13:35:15

You should always say "bless you" it stops the spirit escaping the body you know! grin ....

MammaTJ Mon 03-Aug-15 13:35:22

Yes, poor her for having to work with someone who calls her 'moronic'.

scatterthenuns Mon 03-Aug-15 13:35:28

Work with people we don't like? Yes, the vast majority of us are expected to work under those conditions. Ignore!

Petridish Mon 03-Aug-15 13:37:41

Op - you will get a bashing for using the word "moronic" - it's v offensive.

ilovesooty Mon 03-Aug-15 13:39:29

As pp said, I feel sorry for her having to work with someone who doesn't understand that the word "moronic" is offensive.

zara020 Mon 03-Aug-15 13:43:21

Apologises I didn't actually realise it was offensive. Sorry if offended anyone so far. Does anyone know how I can get it removed?

Twodogsandahooch Mon 03-Aug-15 13:46:13

Yes but then she would have said 'thank you' and killed a fairy.

fanofthevoid Mon 03-Aug-15 13:50:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RealityCheque Mon 03-Aug-15 13:51:59

What's wrong with using an offensive word when describing someone who is actually a moron?

There are plenty of offensive words used in these forums, including bastard, cunt and wank badger.

And before some self-righteous types coming on here to discuss the well know original meanings of the word, let's not lose sight of the fact that the OEDs current definition is simply "A stupid person".

MaidOfStars Mon 03-Aug-15 13:52:41

she's just called me 'a bit rude' for not blessing her when she sneezed

People like this exist?

ilovesooty Mon 03-Aug-15 13:56:03

And the Collins English dictionary has it defined both as slang and old fashioned and offensive.

maybebabybee Mon 03-Aug-15 13:57:16

oh lord, why is moronic offensive now?! :S

AuntyMag10 Mon 03-Aug-15 13:58:26

When did it become offensive confused

FlowersAndShit Mon 03-Aug-15 13:59:44

The internet police said so

RealityCheque Mon 03-Aug-15 14:00:12


It is supposed to be offensive. The woman is a fucking idiot.

The word twat is offensive but I don't see anyone getting on their high horse when peoples husbands are (regularly) called it. What is the difference?

happymummyone Mon 03-Aug-15 14:01:42

I'm sure OP didn't actually call her moronic, but even if she did, if the cap fits?! Would it be less offensive to call the colleague a 'blithering idiot' because I'm sure we've all had to work with one of those.

KinkyAfro Mon 03-Aug-15 14:03:08

Light hearted people, light hearted

UrethraFranklin1 Mon 03-Aug-15 14:03:55

FGS moronic is offensive? thats the point of it. Fuck off is also offensive.

Someone will come along and tell you that its disabilist because a hundred years ago it was used as a classification of IQ but moron was next to idiot and they use that easily enough, so its a ridiculous argument. AS well as the fact that its the point, you use it to question someones IQ.

AuntyMag10 Mon 03-Aug-15 14:03:57

Flowers you mean mn police.
The Internet is pretty normal.

WayneRooneysHair Mon 03-Aug-15 14:05:54

I see far more offensive words than moronic used every day on MN and nobody bats an eyelid.

MissDemelzaCarne Mon 03-Aug-15 14:06:05

(slang) a foolish or stupid person
(old-fashioned, offensive) a person having an intelligence quotient of between 50 and 70, able to work under supervision.

A person with an IQ of between 50-70 would be described as having a learning disability, that's why it's offensive to many.

ilovesooty Mon 03-Aug-15 14:08:41

The OP wasn't aware it was offensive.

Most of the subsequent posters don't think it is or don't care.

It wouldn't be acceptable in any context in my workplace and I don't know people who use it in conversation. Other people's experiences and expectations are evidently different.

sticklebrickstickle Mon 03-Aug-15 14:11:40

The original use of the term moron was offensive. So we're the original usages of imbecile and idiot.

sticklebrickstickle Mon 03-Aug-15 14:14:18

Sorry, posted too soon. It used to be that people an IQ between 0 and 25 were referred to as idiots. People with IQs of 26 - 50 were considered imbeciles and those who had an IQ between 51 and 70 were considered morons.

I can't see how anybody can get up in arms about the term moron unless they are also going to start hunting down every use of the word idiot as well.

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