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to think its hypocritical to be outraged about Cecil the Lion?

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screenjunkie Sat 01-Aug-15 23:23:20

I think it's disgusting what happened and upsetting.

I'm also a vegetarian and I'm starting to become a vegan now too.

Why are people so outraged by the death of a lion when they probably ate meat the same day?

So because a cow/pig/chicken maybe isn't as interesting or as exotic as a lion it's life is less valuable?

I'm not preaching for people to become vegetarians because its a very personal choice and a big lifestyle change. But aibu to think it's hypocritical to be outraged over a lion when you probably contribute to another animals suffering daily?

SurlyCue Sat 01-Aug-15 23:24:38


DonkeyOaty Sat 01-Aug-15 23:25:20

Not being 'orrible but we did this already, in the week.

Samcro Sat 01-Aug-15 23:25:43

a cow is not a wild animal, they are bred for food

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 01-Aug-15 23:26:09

Again? Do a search OP and see if this exact same thread hasn't been done to death already. You're days late with it.

Janethegirl Sat 01-Aug-15 23:26:42

Not interested, this has been done to the death gringrin

squoosh Sat 01-Aug-15 23:27:18

No, I don't think a chicken's life is as important as a lion's.

wafflyversatile Sat 01-Aug-15 23:28:48

Not necessarily. This man killed the lion for pleasure, rather than for food. IIRC it said they shot him with a crossbow then hunted him down for hours before dispatching him.

But yes there is a cognitive dissonance. We like eating meat so we lalala I can't hear you when we find out that male chicks are put through shredders etc. But again, most people don't take pleasure from that. They see it as an unfortunate byproduct of agribusiness.

All humans have areas of contradiction in their morality and principles. We are all a bit hypocritical.

PurpleDaisies Sat 01-Aug-15 23:29:03

This is at least the third almost identical thread I've seen on this...

GraysAnalogy Sat 01-Aug-15 23:30:16

Ah the old 'you can't give a toss about animal welfare and an exotic animal being killed because you aren't a gloriously moral veggie like me'

The arrogance is astounding

screenjunkie Sat 01-Aug-15 23:30:24

Really? I'm the first person on the whole of MN to start a thread thats already been done? Gosh thats impressive.

I didn't realise every single thread ever started on here was original and had never been mentioned before.

I can post what I want to, if it's been done to death and you personally can't be bothered to comment then there is no one forcing you.

MrsGentlyBenevolent Sat 01-Aug-15 23:31:06

People eat meat. Animals eat other animals. We are animals. The choice isn't whether to stop eating meat, and using parts of an animal for other genuine means, iit'sts about treating animals humanly and not killing for 'the sake of it'. Certainly not for sport, that is a sign if a sick person, not for a means of 'survival'.

Oh and have a biscuit for another blooming goady thread on this. Good for you, you don't eat meat. Go on eating those poor plants that never did anything to you.

wafflyversatile Sat 01-Aug-15 23:32:04

Defensive much? grin

FarFromAnyRoad Sat 01-Aug-15 23:32:21

It's all of three days OP. Not 3 weeks, months or years. Don't you think you'd have been better off having a look before starting a duplicate thread?

TamzinGrey Sat 01-Aug-15 23:33:22

Well I've just eaten a little bit of chicken. Although it was a free range bird I'm pretty sure that it didn't die in terror and pain after 40 hours of being chased by a maniac with a bow and arrow.

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Sat 01-Aug-15 23:34:30

Didn't we just have this thread?

I'm certainly not outraged about the lion. So I guess I'm not one of those hypocrites you refer to wink

screenjunkie Sat 01-Aug-15 23:34:58

The arrogance is astounding

Hardly. I just don't want to eat something that has suffered and I don't want to contribute to an industry that I don't support.

Same when people started watching 'Black Fish' lots of "I will never go to SeaWorld ever!" when they'd probably never have gone in the first place anyway.

I don't think it's arrogant to respect the fact that an animal has a right to a life tpp.

maddening Sat 01-Aug-15 23:35:12

I am ve

GraysAnalogy Sat 01-Aug-15 23:36:33

That lion lay there dying for 40 hours.

That lion was one of only 30,000 lions in africa now

His death could result in the death of 12 cubs. Unless Jericho his brother carries on protecting him from incoming males.

The pride now only has one male and 6 females.

His death has a detrimental effect on the system.

MrsGentlyBenevolent Sat 01-Aug-15 23:37:59

An animal has a right to life.

Very true. Hope you don't have a dogbor a cat though, because they don't share that idealism. Neither did the lion. Because they eat meat, and that means another animal has to die. Sad, but nature. Why do humans, as biological animal eaters, not get to live as such?

GraysAnalogy Sat 01-Aug-15 23:39:01

You are arrogant. You think you're morally superior because people who eat meat are so hypocritical for daring to give a shit about cecil, yet there you on a paragon of virtue, the only person possibly qualified to care because you're vegetarian.

screenjunkie Sat 01-Aug-15 23:39:52

It's all of three days OP. Not 3 weeks, months or years. Don't you think you'd have been better off having a look before starting a duplicate thread?

Nope smile

I do find it amusing all of the piling and stamping their feet moaning that this threads been done to death .... yet they still feel the need to comment and in turn keep the thread active.

Again no one is forcing anyone to read this and comment, you all have this thing called freewill.

Sparklingbrook Sat 01-Aug-15 23:41:54

Here you go....

maddening Sat 01-Aug-15 23:43:00

I am VeGgie so apparently ok to be outraged under your criteria but killing for fun is very different to killing for food and killing a lion whose species has been hunted until they have become endangered and killing a cow or chicken of which there are millions. Which is why this lion was tagged and observed by scientists compared to no chickens or cows being tagged for such purposes, this man has also killed other endangered species for fun as has his wife apparently.

I also don't agree that non veggie folk are not allowed a voice without being described as hypocrites.

Cheby Sat 01-Aug-15 23:43:39

I'm not veggie, I still agree that the level of reaction is disproportionate.

Just to caveat, I don't think any hunting for sport alone should be legal, anywhere, and I don't get the mindset of those who do it, but reading comments on here from grown adult women baying for blood and the murder and torture of the dentist, it's more than a little bit hypocritical, especially from meat eaters.

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