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AIBU about management charges

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miasdaddy Sat 01-Aug-15 09:56:02

My wife has a flat she pays management charges on but it seems like every time something needs doing the management company just says you owe us x amount for decorating or gardening etc
The latest one is a demand for �1500 for decorating the hallways then they reduced it to �900 then they said they would settle for �450 we havent paid it and they are now taking us to court for an amount that includes the management fee that we have paid!!
I am aware that several people on the estate dont pay the fee as noone has ever seen any accounts of where the money is spent
if any one has any experince of this sort of thing any advice would be useful

musicalbingo Sat 01-Aug-15 10:44:03

You need to read up on section 20

Anything over £250 requires a minimum of two quotes (you can actually get more/ask for more and challenge it)

You should also get 30days consultation period where you can "make observations
If what you say is true and they they didn't consult you they are in breech

musicalbingo Sat 01-Aug-15 10:52:12

It's also worth googling your leaseholder so you get an idea of any previous form (court cases etc)
I almost bought a flat managed by Clearwater/freshwater something like that and ran a mile after reading horror stories on the internet about people who ended up going to court over major works charges costing a fortune.
My current place is owned by a ineffectual but Low cost housing association.

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