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To ask if any of you have experienced a DVT?

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Toohotcats Fri 31-Jul-15 11:57:53

.. Because I'm freaking out a little bit about this pain in my leg, I've had it almost constantly for about 2 weeks and it stops me from sleeping., I keep telling myself it's only a trapped nerve but I'm not sure, the pain is in my thigh and it's like a bad ache, and there is a weird "bubbling" sensation every now and then and like the blood isn't flowing as it should. It's more swollen compared to my other leg.
I have a family history of d v t and on the pill.. Not sure if it was irresponsible of my doc to suggest the pill given my history.
I tried to get into the docs and couldn't. (Lines busy and then when I did get through the appointments had all gone) so it means waiting til Monday unless I go to the walk in centre? Help......... ? x

MrsTrentReznor Fri 31-Jul-15 11:59:25

Please go to the walk in centre.
I lost someone to DVT. Just go and put your mind at rest. Xxx

MrsTrentReznor Fri 31-Jul-15 12:01:28

That was a bit serious! Sorry. smile
You have family history and swelling. I'd go to the walk in if I was in the same position.

Toohotcats Fri 31-Jul-15 12:01:34

I lost my mum to it. Hence why I am a bit worried.
I always worry that I might be wasting doctors time

NoahVale Fri 31-Jul-15 12:01:48

is it hot?
if you have had it for 2 weeks I imagine you would be ok over the weekend
is it your back causing the pain perhaps?
do you smoke?

AnUtterIdiot Fri 31-Jul-15 12:02:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoahVale Fri 31-Jul-15 12:03:08

oh i see it is swollen.
well, it cant hurt to go to walk in centre, set your mind at rest.

MrsTrentReznor Fri 31-Jul-15 12:03:19

If you are concerned, you're not wasting their time. If it was a sniffle you would be! grin

Toohotcats Fri 31-Jul-15 12:04:36

I don't have any back problems and I don't smoke. It's not warm to the touch but goes cold if it's in a certain position (like some blood is rushing through - if you know what I mean)

Pigglesworth Fri 31-Jul-15 12:27:37

I would definitely seek urgent medical attention. What is the worst that can happen if you do, versus if you don't?

Pigglesworth Fri 31-Jul-15 12:28:19

Especially given your family history.

Stormtreader Fri 31-Jul-15 16:22:09

Ive had these twice.
Go to the walkin centre I would say, I got my doctor to refer me to A&E with mine, they can do a bloodtest (D-Dimer) that looks for the markers caused by the body trying to break down a clot. The benefit of this is that if the blood test comes back with a no then you definitely DONT have one.

I actually didnt get any symptoms with mine except the constant cramp and breathing issues, but classic signs are also your leg being bigger and reddening or changing colour. With a family history I'd say better safe than sorry on this one. Whenever I get a cramp that lasts longer than a week I go back to get them to check and one of these was indeed my second DVT.

GoooRooo Fri 31-Jul-15 16:25:42

I've had it. If you are worried get checked out.

Typical signs are hotness, one less swelling bigger than the other (you may need to measure your calves to determine that).

The good news is it can be treatable. I took heparin and warfarin for a while and now have to have Clexane while pregnant because of my history but it's been manageable.

Moopsboopsmum Fri 31-Jul-15 16:44:52

As poster above said, go and get a DDimer test.

MummaV Fri 31-Jul-15 17:10:43

Go and see someone.

Don't want to add any more fear but my grandad was hours away from losing his leg to a DVT. Turned out the clot was caused by an obstruction in his stomach (a cancerous tumour) which had zero symptoms other than a swollen leg until he woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain unable to walk on his leg. 12 years on and he is on warfarin and still has a very swollen leg but otherwise is completely clear. If he'd gone to the doctors with his swollen leg before hand the whole situation could have been so different.

Please see someone about it sooner rather than later.

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