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delivery of parcel

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ghostspirit Fri 31-Jul-15 11:09:02

just a small issue but its bugging me.

i bought an ebay item. it had a tracking number so i have been tracking it. says attempt to deliver card left. there has not been a card left. so its there has either been no attempt at all or they tried to deliver to a wrong address.

i contacted the seller who comfirmed my address. said they will probably try again. but if they are trying the wrong addess then that does not help.also if it does end up at a wrong address. i then got to go chasing a parcel thats been delivered to the wrong address.

rather than the seller saying oh they will probably try again in a few days should she not be contacting the courier service? before the parcel gos walk abouts if they are trying wrong address

OrangeSquashTallGlass Fri 31-Jul-15 11:14:17

If the seller confirmed she had your correct address surely it is more likely that they just didn't leave a card than tried the wrong house?

I would wait and see if it was me. Or if you're really desperate then see if the parcel's at the holding depo and go pick it up.

ghostspirit Fri 31-Jul-15 11:43:32

cant pick it up as i dont drive. why would they not leave a card if they tried to deliver

DadfromUncle Fri 31-Jul-15 12:06:31

YANBU - it's up to the seller to get the item to you. I did once have a right go at RM for claiming to have left a card and not - then found it curled up and stuck in the letterbox - red face and apology from me.

Not up to you to chase after it.

I recently left my first neg in 15 yrs of eBay - a shop that sent me an item - I got a card from RM saying there was 6 quid postage to pay so I e-mailed the seller and got no response - got a full refund in the end. I wasn't about to go and cough up an extra six quid.

ghostspirit Fri 31-Jul-15 12:25:18

dadfromuncle haha i checked the letter box incase.defo not there. anyway the tracking website did not seem to have a phone number. just managed to find it via google. they said they will try and deliver again between today and monday.

why say a card has been left when it has not.that always makes me wonder if they tried in the first place. oh well hopefully i will get my parcel soon. was rather excited about it smile

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