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to run away

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Fluffybear86 Thu 30-Jul-15 22:24:30

I hate my job. I just want to give my notice in but i have a mortgage and ttc soon. I just want to run away confused and yes IABU but i dont care

AliceScarlett Thu 30-Jul-15 23:25:03

Apply for new jobs? confused

Fluffybear86 Thu 30-Jul-15 23:31:08

I have but no luck. Ruining my lifeenvy

TheHouseOnBellSt Thu 30-Jul-15 23:32:21

What field do you work in?

mrsfuzzy Thu 30-Jul-15 23:34:41

running away wears your shoes out and gains nothing, change your hours/work days/job, do you have a dh/p ? discuss with them possible options, can they take over the bills etc whilst you job hunt ? best not walk out though as it can take ages to get jsa sorted,
good luck with it all

Fluffybear86 Thu 30-Jul-15 23:36:03

Nhs so finding a new job should be easier but im so worn down by it. Major anxiety. Have already been off with stress so taking time off not an option

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 30-Jul-15 23:39:55

If you are TTC , hang on in there.
Mat Leave in the NHS is ok.

(Fellow NHS worker. It's grim at the moment sad

Fluffybear86 Thu 30-Jul-15 23:43:12

I just cant do it

barbecue Fri 31-Jul-15 00:21:55

What sort of new jobs have you applied for? Could you widen your search in any way?

Fluffybear86 Fri 31-Jul-15 05:49:57

Applied for bands 5 to 7 within 20 miles. Also agencies

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