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hormonal and feeling very disillusioned in the world.....

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DunnTrying Thu 30-Jul-15 20:17:08

Having period from hell, feel very tearful and utterly despondent at the state of our world. The world is outraged by the death of lion (utterly shit I get that and hate blood sports) but seem utterly immune to any level of humanity with regards to migrants fleeing lybia and syria. We condemn the actions of islamic state but then crimalise those who flee it and every forum is filled with statements such as send then back, send in the army, scum, etc... Migrants are dying by the dozen and people seem to be happy about this. I'm not saying there is not an issue that needs sorting but I'm astounded by the level of hatred aimed at very vulnerable people. I feel we seem to lose all our humanity. I feel like I'm bringing my children up in a horrid world where kindness is something possessed by a minroity few. I may just go and drink wine and eat chocolate :-(

ChunkyStory Thu 30-Jul-15 22:49:23

All very good points. It's so difficult and I know I feel very helpless in the face of what I see on the news. I Just try and educate my children as best I can in terms of political awareness ethics etc they are young but very bright so we have long chats about rights/wrongs and grey areas which is really interesting. I support lots of different charities and we sponsor a child.
Hope you feel better soon x

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