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To throw these toys away

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Nannylookingforafamily Thu 30-Jul-15 17:26:55

I collect 2nd hand toys for people in need.

I have so much stuff, I don't know what to do with it, action figures, small lego with people and cars, planes etc.... Dinosaurs in all sizes, tons of dressing up stuff, action hero's, pirates, power rangers, characters...

But I have been given ALOT of toy knives, guns and swords and I hate these....
I feel bad, but should I just throw them, I honestly don't know who would accept them

Hipotle Thu 30-Jul-15 17:31:50

Yes that would be very wrong, those were donations!

But wouldn't it be just dreadful if all the knives and guns got sorted into their own special plastic bag which 'accidentally' went out with the rubbish wink

Nannylookingforafamily Thu 30-Jul-15 17:33:09

On sw London and if anyone knows anyone in guieune need of toys, do pm me...

Or if ANYONE does want the guns, knives, and swords, I'm happy for you to take them off my hands

Hipotle Thu 30-Jul-15 17:33:45

Seriously, I personally wouldn't give t a second thought, I would happily get rid of them.

5Foot5 Thu 30-Jul-15 17:37:36

Actually I think YABU. You are imposing your own personal prejudices on what is and is not an acceptable toy. If they were dangerous that would be a different matter.

People made the donations in good faith and would presumably be quite upset if they knew you were just going to throw them away. At the very least you could make sure you didn't accept the toys you don't like in the firts place.

RosePetels Thu 30-Jul-15 17:50:59

Can't you recycle them some how?

DoJo Thu 30-Jul-15 17:52:17

Could you not donate them on to a charity shop or similar?

KneeHighScooterBruises Thu 30-Jul-15 17:55:17

YABU! There would be people very grateful for them.

Pirates were a nasty bunch anyway; if you are happy to accept pirates, you are being hypocritical.

DoeEyedNear Thu 30-Jul-15 17:55:41

Local theatre groups might want them as props same for schools

Pumpkinette Thu 30-Jul-15 18:49:10

DoeEyedNear I think that's a great idea.

I personally would be ok with the swords (thinking playing pirates) but not with the knives or guns. (Maybe consider guns if cowboy style and kid was really into that sort of thing)

I can't think of a legitimate kids game that knives would be a useful prop. Unless it's a child who is really into playing a chef!

I would say YABU to throw them out if they are donations and in good condition. I would suggest donating them elsewhere if you are uncomfortable passing them out.

kissmethere Thu 30-Jul-15 19:29:13

Definitely a theatre group. Or the rubbish if nothing nearby.

Nannylookingforafamily Thu 30-Jul-15 19:31:52

Will take to a charity shop

IsItMeOr Thu 30-Jul-15 19:38:37

Perhaps let donors know next time that you're not interested in those kinds of toys?

Then you can pass any that still sneak in onto another charity or bin as you see fit.

IsItMeOr Thu 30-Jul-15 19:39:30

Children do love having swords, knives and guns to complete their dressing up outfits, so for me it would depend on whether they were part of a set, I think.

Nannylookingforafamily Thu 30-Jul-15 20:48:16

Most of the toys are going to a refuge, hence why I know they won't accept these toys

IsItMeOr Thu 30-Jul-15 22:11:06

Ah! I thought your OP suggested the problem was your personal dislike of the toys, not a bar on what the recipient could accept. My mistake!

Glad you sorted it, anyway.

MegMogandOwlToo Thu 30-Jul-15 22:13:58

Really? Local refuges here happily accept any toys, including toy guns and knives.

Your OP made it clear that you had the issue.

Nannylookingforafamily Thu 30-Jul-15 22:16:34

It is me with the issue, but I know a domestic violence refuge that I'm planning to take some of the toys to, wouldn't accept the guns, swords and knives

SillyStuffBiting Thu 30-Jul-15 22:20:32

I've relented on my no gun rule after ds1 would fashion them out of anything he could find - fingers, sticks, toast, lollipops and a cross in church one memorable Sunday.

I don't allow, or quickly dispose of, realistic looking ones, preferring bright nerf type ones.

Swords, fine when picked up on a trip to a castle or something, they never last long.

But knives? Nah.

scatterthenuns Thu 30-Jul-15 22:21:46

Props for plays?

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