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Antenatal appt, both kids have chicken pox

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MisterPip Wed 29-Jul-15 21:03:38

Could I carry chicken pox even if I don't have it? 2dc have it, I'm 30weeks pregnant and have a growth scan in a few days. I've had it before so not too worried, but obviously don't want to go to an antenatal clinic if I'm likely to pass it on! Obviously kids will be at home.

Has anyone found advice on this/ sought advice?

KindergartenKop Wed 29-Jul-15 21:09:07

No you can't carry it unless you've been squeezing their spots. So go crazy on alcohol gel and you'll be fine.

CorBlimeyTrousers Wed 29-Jul-15 21:13:08

I'm sure there's a poster at the hospital antenatal department i go to saying to tell the desk if your children have chicken pox. Could you call them and ask for advice? I don't think it's fair to risk exposing other pregnant women to CP. When I took my son to the GP for a CP diagnosis they asked us to wait in an isolation room.

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