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to be considering this job?

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bigredtractor Tue 28-Jul-15 21:28:32

I saw a brilliant job - applied and got an interview. So far, so good!

I returned to work after ML in April, to my current job (been with the company for 8 years) but have reduced my hours down to 25 pw.

DS1 is about to start primary school and our DD is at nursery for 2 days & 2 mornings while I'm at work.

I'm ready for a change - I feel v different doing the same job on reduced hours now and am not being given the same sort of work / projects I was before. BUT the hours suit and I am on the same salary, pro rata.

Here's the dilemma - I had a great interview today and they know that I don't currently work FT. But they will only consider a minimum of 4 days pw - one day more than I'm doing now.

Nursery have no extra space so I'd need to rethink our childcare. And I'm feeling guilty already just thinking about upping my hours. But I just can't see myself carrying on where I am now - I don't fit in my team any more. That's my perception, but just feeling that way is making me miserable and desperate for a change. One colleague in particular seems to be acting as though she's suddenly my superior, when actuallywe do identical jobs just on different work patterns.

So, WWYD? My heart says grab this new opportunity (if I'm offered it) but my head says 'noooo - you've got a good deal where you are'. I don't know whether to stick it out for the money (I hate even writing that!) and relish the time with the kids, or accept a move knowing it'll be better for me, but not necessarily for the kids? Aaaargh...

itsmeitscathy Tue 28-Jul-15 21:34:56

I guess ultimately what's good for you will be good for the kids longterm?

SummerDreams13 Tue 28-Jul-15 21:44:27

I'm in almost exactly the same position...and I'm pretty sure I'll take the job if offered smile dd loves nursery so not a hardship for her to do another day there and, more importantly, she gets a mum who feels that buzz from doing a job that she enjoys and is good at. I think it's incredibly important she sees that I can have a life outside of home and still be a great mum to her - that's exactly the kind of role model I want to be. If you're happier, the kids will definitely sense that; likewise, if you're not, they'll feel that too.

Being in a job that you've outgrown an be the most soul destroying experience, so I'd say seize the opportunity and good luck!! grin

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