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Summer Holidays - Struggling

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ninnypants Mon 27-Jul-15 10:57:24

Well like others Im struggling with these summer holidays. In previous years Ive worked so eldest was always in full time nursery and loved it. Now Ive given up work to look after the youngest (just turned 2) so first summer 'at home'
We still have 4 weeks to go now our holiday is out the way and family have all returned to Spain and England.
We have only a couple friends nearby us but they work full time so we dont get out much socially - only about once or twice a year when my folks visit and babysit.
So 4 weeks to go until school starts and as standard scottish summer weather its rubbish! I have no car, live in a village that has crappy bus service to crappy places, no money for softplay or small zoos etc. We have a garden but in this weather is a mudslide and cant leave 2 year old out unsupervised.
So at moment its tv, wii, train tracks, toys etc. Which is fine but the boys constantly chase each other, hit eat other with soft toys, playfight. they do love each other very much but the little one doesnt understand when the eldest one doesnt want to play anymore. they climb over each other, typical brother stuff and Im at my tethers end. every time I leave the room to get food/drink/pee/washing etc all I hear are screams of 'nooooo' or 'get offffff' or just 'ahhhhhhhhh'.
There are school friends nearby but most of them go out for the day to soft plays, zoo, farms etc places I cant afford to do. I have invited them round often but I struggle with more than my own kids in the house, Im not a natural mother I dont think. One of the friends has a streak of autism and makes him very unpredictable and find it hard to watch him and tell him off etc and feel guiltly when my son always goes to his house to play.
Only thing that keeps them quiet and happy for a while is Paw Patrol. I hate them watching so much tv but its the only thing in this weather that keeps them semi-calm.
I feel like such a rubbish mum couping them up inside but no idea what else can do with them.
I return to college as a (very) mature student in 5 weeks and looking forwards to 3 days 'me' time for first time in over 5 years finally getting to study what I have always loved.
Sorry guys, I think Im just having a good old moan.
Doesnt help Im starting 5:2 diet today and Im huuuuungry but got 50lb to loose so have to start somewhere.

Fatmomma99 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:42:10

flowers and good luck with the diet.

Sometimes it's tough and it is for all of us.

Ok, being practical, how about a house-related project you can all get involved in? Cooking's always a good one. Order a jigsaw off of Amazon?

If you're a magazine or newspaper person, a papiermache thing? Make own playdoh and then play with it?

Hope these are helpful.

howabout Mon 27-Jul-15 11:52:38

"Chase is on the Case"

Have you tried indoor camping with a blanket and furniture for a tent.

If your kitchen floor is easy to clean put down wallpaper liner or old newspapers and get out the paints.

My DD3 will happily spend all afternoon in the bath playing boats, sharks and pouring games etc.

How about an indoor garden in a tub. A bit messy but you can store it outside and bring in to play. Or cress heads etc.

Sounding really positive here but tbh I am also in Scotland and really really fed up with the rain. Make sure you get out the door the second the sun comes out. Whatever you were doing inside can wait.

I love Paw Patrol - just keep them away from Peppa and Shaun the train grin

Hopefully Mon 27-Jul-15 11:55:34

- plan one outdoor thing each day, even if it's at home. Make it more structured than 'go into the garden', something like 'water the plants (even if it's been raining), 'trim the dead plants' etc. try to do it even if the weather is grim - all the prep to get waterproofs on and off and clean up will kill loads of time too!
- plan an indoor activity similarly (eg make play dough, colouring, make a den, eve changing the sheets and cleaning). Get the kids involved even if it's domestic stuff.
- don't expect any 'me time'. I find it so stressful when I'm constantly trying to 'have a break' and the kids won't let me. If the worst happened and you genuinely didn't get any breaks for 4 weeks, you'd survive, but realistically there will be the odd bit of quiet time when they both watch TV and you will get a break and be much more grateful because you weren't expecting it

ninnypants Mon 27-Jul-15 12:28:22

I like the garden ideas like watering plants even after rain smile

I feel like such a bad mother when I long for 7pm some days.

Itsmine Mon 27-Jul-15 12:34:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mrsbird311 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:41:16

A streak of autism you say?
Would love to know what that means !!!

ninnypants Mon 27-Jul-15 12:46:47

sorry should have said aspergers.

ineedausername Mon 27-Jul-15 13:19:24

Whereabouts are you? We're in Aberdeenshire and I'm feeling your pain! A 3.5 and 4.5 year old....

ninnypants Mon 27-Jul-15 13:21:48

west lothian. hey its stopped raining - now would be perfect time to get out but always something...2yr old just fallen asleep on his nap. hope it stays dry for when he wakes up.

MrsLeighHalfpenny Mon 27-Jul-15 13:30:01

Get out every day - get wet and muddy, then get them in the bath for a play to get clean and warm again. Give them a challenge to find a certain number of leaves, bugs, flowers etc. You can go to the park in the rain too you know - it won't kill anyone!

Loads of museums are free.

How about a day pass for the bus, and give them a list of things to find as you travel - eg 5 points for a man in a hat, 5 points for a lady with a dog etc

Do you have a room where you and the boys could make a fort out of cardboard boxes - you could spend a time each day making things for it, they can picnic in there and will probably play happily in there for a time every day.

Cooking is a great activity - get them involved in cooking an evening meal. Get them to help with the housework - give them a duster each, or something (you'll probably have to do it again later, but hey! if it keeps them busy).

ninnypants Mon 27-Jul-15 13:47:34

lots of great suggestions - thanks everyone. Some I will def try like the den and cooking etc

sadwidow28 Mon 27-Jul-15 14:29:55

See if there any suggestions here that might be suitable:

100+ tips for cheap school holiday family fun

junebirthdaygirl Mon 27-Jul-15 22:40:21

If your little one won't let the older guy play in peace set up a cut off area for him to play trains whatever. Put the couch across a corner so he has his own secret spot. Then do something with little guy yourself. Big brothers need to have quiet time to play and when they are quiet it helps you.

ZetaPu Mon 27-Jul-15 22:57:07

Get them out for a bit every day. Even if it's raining. Do they have Wellies and coats? Just go for walks.
It will help to keep them calmer when they're at home.
Give them paper and pens for drawing and writing and try some educational websites as well as the other suggestions.

Minicaters Mon 27-Jul-15 23:12:37

It's a tough age and being stuck in a small village with no car makes it really difficult. This is not your fault, you just don't have much to work with!

can you invite school friends round with their parent?

Get eldest to buy into the idea of having some peace while you entertain little one, so he doesn't fight for your attention too. Put your eldest in charge of lunch - setting the menu (just normal sandwiches are fine), shopping for anything you don't have if it's food you'd be buying anyway, make and serve the lunch.

Longer term, ask for zoo passes or soft play vouchers for christmas or birthday maybe.

ADishBestEatenCold Mon 27-Jul-15 23:39:38

"Im not a natural mother I dont think"

Have no idea if you're a natural mother, OP, but I do think that all your imagination has taken fright, and run off and deserted you! wink

You live in village, so will have access to village things (streets, maybe a playpark) and more country things (open areas, wooded area, maybe a stream or two).

So forget the weather ... you're in Scotland, and you won't melt in the rain ... and, as someone has said up thread, get outside, every day!

Do a pond dip. Even the little one may well be able to catch a bug or two (and if you hang on to the back of his breeks, he'll not fall in too often ).
Make a mud slide ... get a long piece of plastic, lay it down an incline, have a few buckets of water to hand (a hose would be great, but if not, that's where a nearby burn comes in handy). Pour water on plastic, so it runs down incline. Send children sliding down after water. Tip: the more water and mud the better!
Get a big pack of coloured chalk (very cheap). Go outside with your children. Ignore children, and start to chalk huge pictures on pavement (this one works just as well on your kitchen floor, if weather really atrocious). That is ... you chalk! The kids will soon join in. Hopscotch, maybe for the older one (wee one can try), Lots of pictures. Lots of colour. Chalk the kids, if you like.
Make tin can stilts with your children. Four empty tins (two each), two small holes punched in opposite sides of unopened-end (those triangle-hole drink-can openers are great), thread a kids-arm-length of string through the holes, tie in a knot to make a loop. Child puts each foot on a can, hold string taut and tries to walk (wee one will need lots of help, but it's fun). You try it too.
Go for a picnic. An ordinary pack-a-basket, take-a-blanket, walk-into-the-country, picnic. Let children help make the picnic.
Make them a tent. Put a big sheet or blanket over a low washing rope, 'peg' down the edges (if you don't have pegs, use boulders). Have tea in your tent!
Take water colour paints into your garden (this one is fun in light rain), peg a lot of sheets of blank paper on a low washing rope. Paint them. With brushes, with hands, (with locks of your hair if it's long enough), flick paint on, flick water on, flick sand or grass seeds on to the paper, too.
Go for a walk ... a long one ... take waterbottles and a small snack and walk! Walk somewhere you don't usually walk. Talk about what you see, as you go.

I could go on and on and on ... but I better stop in case everyone thinks I'm loosing it here!!! grin

There are so very many things you could do, with a bit of imagination, that cost almost nothing ... IF you just start enjoying your children!

Oh ... and OP ... do the Scottish schools not go back in just three weeks?

LindyHemming Mon 27-Jul-15 23:44:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

summerainbow Tue 28-Jul-15 00:45:05

Just go for walk and look at all the houses learn the numbers the road signs and road names . Learn the names of treex and all the birds .
Take photo if you have photo phone . Get on the computer with eldest to find out birds names trees tyes .

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