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Chatting to other parents

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loobylou08 Sun 26-Jul-15 01:22:46

I see this everyday as they have their :groups: and i stand there like a lemon!, i do have a few parents who occasionally converse with me mainly because my daughter gets on well with pretty much everyone so they talk about her,i do get nervous around people and i wonder if this is coming across?

MrsBigD Sun 26-Jul-15 08:47:55

Hi Looobylou08; I'm the same, good with people 1 on 1, but if there's an accumulation...

I've been to various schools due to moving and found that there are various possibilities/scenarios for being the 'lemon'...
in some I was an 'outcast' because I was a working mum and couldn't join all the morning teas/coffees. In other's it is just hard to get into existing 'cliques' as they've known each other since Kindi/Grade1. In other cases yet again I was the wrong ethnicity.

I found joining the roster for canteen duties, uniform shop duties etc. (if there is such a thing at your kids school) etc. helps melt the ice. Naturally that doesn't always work if you're working...

I've just gotten used to the fact that I'm not a social butterfly and use the time to read on the one day I actually drop off and pick up ds at school ;)

good luck smile

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