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To think this is weird?

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MummaGiles Sat 25-Jul-15 17:13:27

My PIL are staying this weekend and it has just occurred to me that they have only brought one toothbrush between them, and that in fact they only ever bring one toothbrush between them when they visit. That is weird, isn't it?

LindyHemming Sat 25-Jul-15 17:14:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spartans Sat 25-Jul-15 17:15:47

Definitely just one?

Dh always puts his away, in the wash bag, when we stay away from home. When we stay in a hotel it would appear we only bring one.

If it's definitely one then yes, I would think its weird.

RepeatAdNauseum Sat 25-Jul-15 17:15:58

My ex PIL asked if we'd share a toothbrush to keep the bathroom looking uncluttered. They suggested we keep just one toothbrush there all the time, in a specified colour that matched the bathroom decor. We bought two. They threw one away.


Boardingblues Sat 25-Jul-15 17:16:26

That is just revolting! This would be forever in the forefront of my mind whenever I saw them!

FenellaFellorick Sat 25-Jul-15 17:19:10


My husband and I accidentally shared a toothbrush for some time.

I maintain that he didn't listen when I told him which colour his was and he insists that I told him orange.

I had wondered why his toothbrush seemed to remain in mint condition.

The moment we realised was not a happy one. grin

Maybe one of them keeps their stuff in a wash bag, or has falsies?

DurhamDurham Sat 25-Jul-15 17:24:18

We doesn't make a habit of sharing toothbrushes but on the odd occasion we've arrived at a hotel and only had one with us we have shared......give it an extra rinse between uses but that's about it

Iamatotalandutteridiot Sat 25-Jul-15 17:26:14

I often share my DH's toothbrush (with his consent, btw!)

you can judge me now.

Vatersay Sat 25-Jul-15 17:26:29

I keep my toothbrush in it's holder in my bathroom bag when I'm visiting anyone so maybe one of your pils does too?

Vatersay Sat 25-Jul-15 17:26:49

^^ its blush

Nolim Sat 25-Jul-15 17:26:54


JennyOnTheBlocks Sat 25-Jul-15 17:27:32

one of them is planning to use yours, OP


MummaGiles Sat 25-Jul-15 17:29:06

No dentures, just one toothbrush.

fredfredgeorgejnr Sat 25-Jul-15 18:44:38

I was surprised to read that kissing isn't universal in human cultures - I thought it was a good way of spreading the microbiota essential to life) - but it's pretty common, what's different between sharing saliva in kissing and sharing a toothbrush?

Not that I do outside of forgetting, but that's possibly more because we use different toothpastes, but why is it particularly ewww?

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