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to not judge people on their hair colour?

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operaha Fri 24-Jul-15 23:09:45

I have a professional job, I have to have fairly "normal" hair and clothes when I work. I dress down big time out of work and if I do see people I work with they're always surprised at how casual I am, save for if it was a wedding or formal do etc - I do love to get dressed up but day to day when I'm not at work, I am comfortable etc in what I wear and whilst I'm all pencil skirts, blouses and heels at work - is converse, leggings, jeans etc out. anyway, the itch I've never scratched until now is hair - I've always wanted crazy pink hair and the other day I went to a hairdresser and had my naturally very dark hair bleached then dyed pink (with turquoise streaksgrin ). I live in a small place so lots of people have complimented me but I also notice a lot of second glances.... I'm by no means the only person around to have something done but you can tell from my post I don't exactly live in a trendy city.
So original question being - what do you think when you see someone with crazy hair? do you judge? bleugh, should mention if it wasn't obvious I'm a teacher that lives in a completely separate town to where I teach, real hair going back on in late August!

Glitoris Fri 24-Jul-15 23:12:41

I don't judge.I just get jealous.I'd love to have pink and torquoise hair but circumstances prevent me envy

MrsEvadneCake Fri 24-Jul-15 23:12:46

I have bright pink hair and keep it for work (learning mentor). I have had some stares and one negative comment but I think nothing of it. Mostly I get lovely compliments. Enjoy your summer hair grin

RunsWithScissors Fri 24-Jul-15 23:13:57

My first thought is usually "which brand of dye did they use, it looks fantastic"

But I've been known to be a bit crazy in my hair colour choices too :-)

Good for you.

LindyHemming Fri 24-Jul-15 23:14:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SaucyJack Fri 24-Jul-15 23:14:23

Um, no. Sorry. What exactly is there to judge anyway?

TBH I don't think very much at all if I see someone with green/pink hair but kerazy types are ten-a-penny round here anyway.

Minshu Fri 24-Jul-15 23:15:58

I had pink hair 20 years ago, and wouldn't currently be able to do what you've done. Sounds wonderful. (I am, however, tattooed so do get some looks for that).

SrAssumpta Fri 24-Jul-15 23:16:13

No I don't judge at all and I really wouldn't care about the opinion of those who do! It sounds fab enjoy it!

Mandatorymongoose Fri 24-Jul-15 23:20:19

I love crazy coloured hair, I would have mine like that if I could but university have decided it's against the uniform policy (student mh nurse) so I had to dye it back to a normal colour.

Interestingly I'm seconded to university by the Trust I do my placements in, so the Trust happily sent me to university with pink hair but university won't send me back to the Trust with it.

The argument is it looks unprofessional, which I think is a shame, a lot of areas in the MH we don't wear uniform and try and be quite informal anyway, it seems an odd place to draw the line. Anyone who has ever worked with me could assure you that my hair colour (which has been very variable over the years) has had no correlation with my professionalism.

So I wouldn't judge you, I'd just be jealous.

crustsaway Fri 24-Jul-15 23:21:04

Im of the same here, Id love to be able to have blue streaks myself. Im in my 50's and it would remind me too much of when the oldies either had pink or blue rinses smile You go for it, sounds fab!

SwearyGodmother Fri 24-Jul-15 23:23:28

I've just shaved my head again. I used to get followed round shops by security and once had a ticket inspector check my ticket on a practically empty train after every single stop (and I fucking stood out). I judge the judgers!

I do live in a cosmopolitan city and this time all I've noticed is a little girl staring at me in the cinema and a man making lewd comments in the street. I assume both could have happened regardless of hairstyle as the man was a tosser and the little girl could have just been in awe of my beauty grin

operaha Fri 24-Jul-15 23:26:26

I am starting a new job in September and feel like rocking up like this and being all like " what? I definitely had this hair when you employed me" grin

ohtheholidays Fri 24-Jul-15 23:31:37

Never judged but have been judged aplenty!

When I was 13,I was a punk,bright red hair,blue lipstick,studded dog collar necklace,doc martins.

There was a lovely much older lady(in her mid 80's)that lived around the corner from my Mum and Dad.Her only living relative was her son,but he was in his 60's and really ill.

Every day of the 6 weeks holiday that I was at home I walked that lovely lady down to the local care home to make sure that she got a homemade hot lunch and pudding.

She never judged me once,neither did her son or any of the lovely ladies and gentleman that visited and resided at the care home and neither did any of the lovely staff that worked there.

She loved the way I looked and I loved her smile

She was an amazing women,she'd grown up in a time where a young lady never left the house without wearing her white gloves.Yet she never judged me not once,she only ever said nice things about the way that I looked.

I've had my hair just about every color possible,anyone that ever judged me for the way I looked,what color my hair was always changed they're minds once they got to know me.

crustsaway Fri 24-Jul-15 23:31:47

To have anything different, being looked at is par for the course so Im not sure why anyone would be offended if they are. We all know it causes attention.

If however, you are going for a job in a bank for instance then dont expect to get that job. We all have to conform to some degree.

Justanotherlurker Fri 24-Jul-15 23:32:49

Well, appearance does count, the same way you no doubt judge someone turning out in a full Adidas tracksuit/top to toe Boden/heals dress etc.

Following a fashion trend has and always will raise eyebrows, if you need anonymous reassurance to follow a trend then maybe it's not the trend for you.

dontcallmelen Fri 24-Jul-15 23:32:52

I don't judge, makes me smile when I see people with bright colours in their hair, I am blonde with a cerise fringe & cerise tips on the layers, round my face I think it looks fab, & it makes me happy.

Ragwort Fri 24-Jul-15 23:36:23

I probably do judge a bit .......... we live in a very small, backwater town and the few people who do have crazy hair tend to be very much 'look at meeeeeeee, I'm so fab with my crazy hair but then seem to have nothing else 'interesting' about them and tend to spend all their time dying their hair and waiting for some reaction. hmm I find I just don't have much in common with people who obsess endlessly over their appearance ............... but then they probably think the same about me and my slob like appearance. grin.

CamelHump Fri 24-Jul-15 23:37:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crustsaway Fri 24-Jul-15 23:51:36

A friend of mine is a personal stylist to the elite. Im me and like the way I dress. I did however let her have a go once when I was about to go on a date.

She did my make up with a smokey eye - I looked like id either been up for 48 hours or gone 10 rounds with mike tyson.

She gave me a cardigan like coat thing to wear that was so heavy I was sweating.

She also gave me a clutch bag to use the size of my table.

Oh, and I HAD to wear heals.

I have never been so uncomfortable in my life!

MmeGuillotine Sat 25-Jul-15 00:14:25

I've been dying my hair bright colours since I was at university over twenty years ago. It's usually pink but is currently bright blue. I live in Bristol so no one ever gives it a second glance - although I used to get endless stares and comments, both complimentary and nasty, when I still had my natural red hair.

It also helps that I've always been a bit of a goth and work from home as a novelist and historian so don't have to please anyone but myself when it comes to my appearance. In fact, in my life of work, looking like a bit of a state is positively encouraged! ;)

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