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To leave a job I hate!

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notretiringyet Fri 24-Jul-15 08:33:53

I was tuped over to a new firm earlier this year I only work 2 days a week but I absolutely hate it I end up getting upset about it even on the 5 days I am not there! I loved where I worked before and had done 10 plus years and am absolutely gutted that I have ended up working for a company I would never have wanted to work for. I have no job to go to aibu to hand in my notice next week? My husband works long hours and I just feel so guilty that I won't be earning any money until I find another job which won't be easy as I am mid 50's. Anyone got any advice. Thanks

Thetruthshallmakeyefret Fri 24-Jul-15 08:37:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pickingstrawberries Fri 24-Jul-15 08:38:46


8angle Fri 24-Jul-15 08:44:20

Hi OP, if you really need the money I would stick with it whilst you look for a new job. It tends to be much easier to find a new job whilst you are in a job.
If you decide to do this I would set yourself a deadline, say 6 months, then even though you are going to a job you hate, you know it is only for a finite amount of time.
if you haven't found anything in 6 months, and you can afford not to work for a while, then take a break - you only get one go at life and being upset about something 7 days a week isn't worth it.

good luck

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