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Bog cleaning behaviour

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editthis Thu 23-Jul-15 22:40:08

Yes, yes, I'm sure this has been done to death. But I'm just back from a family holiday upon which I feel I reached the end of my lavatorial tether.

1) I was obliged to clean my teeth directly after my (adult) nephew had used the bog (at the risk of offending the more fragile of constitution, there were skids above the water line). Aware of the ownership of said skids, having bustled in to talk to me, she proceeded to clean them up energetically with the brush. Conscientious, yes. Unnecessarily so, given her son is ostensibly a responsible adult? Yes.

But my question is (following on from a similar thread yesterday), is the brush an appropriate tool in this instance? I would suggest that above-the-waterline offences should be wiped away (ideally by the perpetrator) with bog roll, immediately, and the brush is for the invisible germs incurred once under-the-waterline stains have been washed away (again, ideally)?

2) Do you use a cloth to clean the rest of seat/bowl? Said SIL did, which she then soaked in bleach in the kitchen sink.

My mouth said NOTHING (as she went to the trouble to clean the bathroom, for which I was grateful), but my head said, NO! I use several skeins of loo roll, myself, disposed down the pan, to clean off the relevant products.

Am I wrong and wasteful? AIBU? How does everyone else do it? I was never taught, but this seemed the best way...

SorchaN Fri 24-Jul-15 01:44:40

I am the proud owner of a loo brush. The idea of putting my hand into the bowl and cleaning it with toilet paper disgusts me. But each to their own. Having said that, I would never clean the toilet while someone was brushing their teeth a few feet away. I'd probably have asked if you wanted to wait outside a minute while I cleaned the toilet. And having said that, I rather think that by the time my son is an adult I will have taught him to use the brush before leaving the bathroom (he's 10 and has ASD so I'm still working on reminding him to flush sad)...


derxa Fri 24-Jul-15 03:48:27

Not again! The MN bog brush debate. Cue tales of toddlers running amok brandishing shit covered brushes.

lunalelle Fri 24-Jul-15 04:29:35

No bog brush - they are Satan's very own tool of choice. And anyone...ANYONE who soaked a toilet cleaning cloth in the kitchen, nay, even entered my kitchen with the offending article, would at once be put to death.

A disposable cloth is used to clean the entire toilet, whereupon it immediately leaves the house in the rubbish bag (I time these things meticulously, you see).

Hurr1cane Fri 24-Jul-15 06:45:21

My DS often leaves skids, I wipe awY immediately with toilet paper and flush, but he's 9 with special needs. I wouldn't be doing it for someone who was capable of doing it themselves.

Saying that, my brother is a teenager and his step mum asked him to clean his skids away with toilet paper and his mother went ape shit saying it was disgusting. confused

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