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somemothersdohavethem Thu 23-Jul-15 18:10:54

My dd has had diarrhoea since this morning and a massive explosion in her nappy and down her legs this afternoon. She's neither up nor down...maybe just a little loss of appetite. Aibu to be worried about it? I phoned the doc and she said there's nothing to worry about. Her temperature is normal at 35.8 degrees and she has no other symptoms. Still crawling about and laughing away. Has anyone else experienced this. She's also teething and has her mmr last week. Please someone reassure me!

MrsPnut Thu 23-Jul-15 18:15:07

So long as she is still drinking normally then there isn't really anything to worry about.

I'd contact the doctor again if it hasn't cleared up in another 48 hours or she stops taking fluids.

DirtyMugPolice Thu 23-Jul-15 18:16:16

Teething poohs are awful. If she's fine in herself then I wouldn't worry too much unless it doesn't seem to be letting up

somemothersdohavethem Thu 23-Jul-15 18:16:21

Thanks pnut! Xx

somemothersdohavethem Thu 23-Jul-15 18:16:45

And dirtymugpolice xx

formerbabe Thu 23-Jul-15 18:17:43

Yep...Both my children had awful diarrhea when they were teething.

jimijack Thu 23-Jul-15 18:18:38

Encourage fluids, wash your hands allot and wait till it passes.

Have a look on NHS choices for diarrhoea in babies, loads of great info and advice on there.

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