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AIBU to expect to go into Pets at Home without being scared by a rat?

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Bananasandchocolatecustard Thu 23-Jul-15 17:49:50

I had a training session with a behaviourist for my dogs fear aggression. I went int PaH to buy a long lead. I found one and took it to the counter to pay. There was an assistant at the till, I asked her a question then saw a rat's head poking out of her fleece!!!
The next thing I knew, I was behind a shelving unit hiding from the rat.
I am so scared of rats since a rat family took up residence in my garden a few years ago. I still don't leave my back door open in case a wandering rat fancies a visit.
I know there are are lots of people who like rats, but I don't expect to be confronted by one at a till.
Needless to say I didn't stay in the shop.

Mulligrubs Thu 23-Jul-15 17:52:35

It's a pet shop, a rat is a pet YABU

EponasWildDaughter Thu 23-Jul-15 17:52:58

A couple of years ago a woman working on a till in Tesco actually point blank refused to serve my mum because she was wearing a spider broach! It was silver with sparkly bits.


<avoids point of thread>

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Thu 23-Jul-15 17:53:40

I wouldn't expect to see one in Sainsbury's, but seeing a pet in a pet shop probably wouldn't be that much of a surprise to me. I'd be pleased that they were looking after and engaging with the animals.

Sorry you were scared though.

flanjabelle Thu 23-Jul-15 17:54:58

Was it one by an airport op? I ask because one of the shop assistants does this at my local one.

Yabu though sorry.

AGnu Thu 23-Jul-15 17:55:36

Lots of people are scared of dogs but don't get a choice about being confronted by them every time they go for a walk. They also get confronted by them in P@H, despite them not actually selling dogs. They do sell rats, however...

TheHormonalHooker Thu 23-Jul-15 17:56:19

I hate rats. When I go to Pets At Home I make the kids go in first so they can tell me which cage they are in and I'm able to avoid them.

If there was one at the till, I'd have been joining you behind the shelves.

ThePinkOcelot Thu 23-Jul-15 17:58:44

Was it just in her fleece or did she shove it in your face? If the former, then YABU!! Plus, domestic rats aren't the same disease ridden creatures as wild rats. I think you need to get over yourself tbh.

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 23-Jul-15 17:59:52

I'm sitting on the fence on this one.

I used to have rats.They're gorgeous.
But not everyone feels that way,I know that.

If a hissing cockroach suddenly crawled across the counter onto my hand,I'd cack myself.

TheoriginalLEM Thu 23-Jul-15 18:00:11

Rats are wonderful, inquisitive little creatures with cute little whiskers. they make fantastic pets and love to be handled and made a fuss of. They are really intellingent and much better than hamsters and rabbits as pets.

For that reason, YABU

Bluetonic123 Thu 23-Jul-15 18:00:46

To be fair your dog is just as scary to some people and far more capable of causing actual harm.

Bananasandchocolatecustard Thu 23-Jul-15 18:01:31

I know that rats are sold at PaH, I deliberately don't go to that section. If the assistant wanted "to engage" with the rat it could have been done in the rat section not at the till.

itsmeitscathy Thu 23-Jul-15 18:02:47

YANBU pet shop or not it's not what you expect!

CigarsofthePharoahs Thu 23-Jul-15 18:02:50

It's a pet shop? Rats and other rodents are pets so they are going to be for sale in there!
Having said that it is unusual to see them out of their cages, perhaps she shouldn't have had it at the till.

CigarsofthePharoahs Thu 23-Jul-15 18:02:52

It's a pet shop? Rats and other rodents are pets so they are going to be for sale in there!
Having said that it is unusual to see them out of their cages, perhaps she shouldn't have had it at the till.

CustardOmlet Thu 23-Jul-15 18:04:06

It was probably one of the rescue animals and to make it ready for a new home they have been handling it lots. My local PaH had a gerbil tank on the counter the sales lady was talking to!

Bananasandchocolatecustard Thu 23-Jul-15 18:06:14

I know all the pro rat information and its people's choice if they want to have a rat. It was the shock of seeing it at the till and the expectation that everyone would be ok with that.
How would people feel if it had been a tarantula? I would have preferred the tarantula.

PrawnPringle Thu 23-Jul-15 18:07:24

I like pet rats but do totally understand. I once went into an antique store and there was an assistant (on his day off) with a huge snake around his neck. I ran the other way, and was a tad hysterical, as I hate the things!

turdfairynomore Thu 23-Jul-15 18:07:43

I've been known to go out to collect my class of 5 year olds from the playground in the morning with two rats in my snood!! The children love it (not so sure about some of the parents!!)

MarchEliza Thu 23-Jul-15 18:08:09

I'm on the fence. I'm a rat lover (and former pet rat owner) and I know they're lovely etc.

However, I also know that I wouldn't be able to be served by anyone with a tarantula on their shoulder, which I guess in a pet shop is equally possible. Therefore I'm not sure whether your reaction is reasonable or not.

Bananasandchocolatecustard Thu 23-Jul-15 18:08:47

Prawn - I would have been running out with you.

ThisNameIsBetterThanMyRealOne Thu 23-Jul-15 18:08:56

YABU for going to PAH.

wankerchief Thu 23-Jul-15 18:10:08

Pets in a pet shopshock

The cheek of it!!!

Yellowbird54321 Thu 23-Jul-15 18:17:35

As rats are creatures that are kept as pets I don't think it's unreasonable to find one in a pet shop tbh, but phobias aren't necessarily rational (and have to admit I'm quite partial to rats grin)

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Thu 23-Jul-15 18:18:31

Obviously the OP wasn't expecting her to have a rat in her fleece.

I would be surprised if this happened in the PAH I go to as I've never seen the staff actually interacting with the small animals such as hamsters or rats unless someone wants to buy them.

So if I was been served by someone with a rat in her fleece I would be taken by surprise.

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