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About taxi driver/man wandering in road...

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elementofsurprise Thu 23-Jul-15 12:24:23

So as title suggests, I was in a taxi yesterday and there was a guy wandering in the road. He looked lost and confused and to my mind like he was thinking about throwing himself in front of a car. I realise this may not be the case but he definitely didn't look like just a vague person crossing the road without thinking.

Anyway, car in front swerved a bit to avoid him, my taxi driver went for the opposite approach of revving up and aiming directly for him. He was standing there looking at us, I screamed "No!" and covered my face because I honestly thought we woud hit him... he darted out of the way at the last moment.

Taxi driver then started to sound off about "Idiots on drugs that should be locked up and throw away the key!". I could understand this if he was in shock at nearly hitting the man, but he was easily able to avoid him and had chosen to speed up and nearly hit him! Normally I find it hard to speak up in these situations and I was shaking at this point. However, being aware of the cuts to mental health services, and the dire situations and things that happen as a result of this, I returned with a counter-rant (!) about ill people being left to fend for themselves and pointed out all the cuts to services etc. and just got "Well, these people don't want to help themselves, you can't help people who won't help themselves"!! angry

So continued counter-rant pointing out how people are discharged without support and then end up ill again, then something happens and it's all "lessons will be learned". I even pointed out I know someone in this very situation, who would be likely wandering in the road himself without a couple of very dedicated friends who look after him when ill.

But no, nothing. Taxi driver just convinced anyone a bit down and out or wandering confused is scum on drugs. The wandering man did not look dishevelled or dirty, just very confused and sort of desperate. I would put money on it being mental illness not him being off his face on something. Not that we shouldn't help drug addicts, of course, and there's a massive link between the two... but when people can't even have a shred of understanding or acknowledge people that are ill it's gobsmackingly depressing.

AIBU to think the taxi driver was a psychopath?

I'm not sure whether the taxi driver's actions or utter lack of understanding is the worst part; AIBU to think both were appalling?

MummaGiles Thu 23-Jul-15 12:27:20

I would report that to his taxi company and the council who issue his taxi licence - did you get his cab number?

paulapompom Sat 25-Jul-15 20:56:34

To swerve towards someone is really irresponsible and dangerous. He risked the safety of the man and you, from what I've seen of cab drivers they tend to take things like this in their stride - dodgy driving, people a bit tipsy, waiting about etc. This driver sounds like he needs to lose his licence. Report him if you can.

Thank you though op for speaking up for people who struggle with Mental Health issues. If more people could understand how hard it is to get suitable treatment I think there would be a lot more openness and tolerance flowers

cariadlet Sat 25-Jul-15 21:21:35

Disgusting behaviour from the driver.

Well done you for tackling him. I'd have had all the same thoughts running through my head, but would probably have been too shocked/worried about confrontation to actually say anything.

ElkeDagMeisje Sat 25-Jul-15 23:21:05

If you thought the taxi driver's behaviour was so appalling, why didn't you get the taxi to stop, pay, get out and check on the man?

Congratulations though on coming out with all such a lecture on morality in the spur of the moment like that though!

elementofsurprise Sun 26-Jul-15 00:50:45

Elke Unfortunately I was just completely distracted and shocked - I was really tired which makes me travel sick so already a bit not with it. I'm not very good at speaking up for myself, I get worried about going over the top and being unreasonable... I felt able to stand my ground re. mental health care because I know the facts about that.

Unfortunately didn't get driver number or anything, however there's a fair chance I'll get the driver again as often take a taxi at that time.

SorchaN Sun 26-Jul-15 00:55:23

How shocking, on all kinds of levels. You did really well to confront the driver's outrageous attitudes.

I was driving home one night a couple of years ago and there were people in the road, apparently wandering aimlessly until the man tried to push his girlfriend in front of my car. I was able to stop. Your taxi driver could have killed her. (And yes, she had a mental illness, as well as a drunk and abusive boyfriend.)

If you got his number, definitely report him.

ChaircatMiaow Sun 26-Jul-15 01:00:13

Elke so the OP should have gotten out of the taxi, isolated herself, and gone and checked on a man with potential mental health issues (or on drugs) by herself??

What a smart and safe idea hmm

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